Latest K4PC update borked my computer

Mike Cane pointed me at a new Kindle 4 PC update (build 327771). I’m not sure how new it is but it doesn’t matter. I tried to install it and it corrupted my copy of Kindle for PC.

It’s broken. Don’t install it!

Edit: Apparently the auto-update isn’t downloading this version. it’s only the full manual install that is broken. So basically this means you shouldn’t go to Amazon and download it.

Update: There’s now a growing list of people over on MobileRead who are also having trouble with the latest update.

Second Update: And Andrys of KindleWorld pointed me at a number of complaints over on the official Kindle forums.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Mike Cane9 July, 2011

    Dammit. Neowin is usually a reliable source. Don’t know what happened there. Sorry!

  2. Timothy Wilhoit9 July, 2011

    I have version 1.5.0 (32337) on mine and I’ve disabled the auto-update. Amazon doesn’t post manual updates for K apps, just for the devices. I’m not familiar with Neowin. I’m uncertain if the regular Kindle CS can help on the apps but the number is 866-321-8851 and the email is [email protected]. Good luck.

    1. Timothy Wilhoit9 July, 2011

      Ah, I just checked the download for the current full version and the file version is Thanks for the heads-up…I’ll leave the auto-update disabled.

  3. Timothy Wilhoit10 July, 2011

    A poster on MobileRead indicates a fix may be available in one week. In a week, we shall know if the information is accurate. ^_^

  4. Bill Smith10 July, 2011

    It’s a mistake, things happen, glad Amazon is fixing it BUT…

    Man, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t require a proprietary App to use their service and also ditched DRM, so you could buy from anywhere and read on any app or any device? Just like their MP3 store or

    THAT would cause ebook sales to explode: “Buy here, read anywhere”.

    Bill Smith

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