iriver Story HD coming to Target, comes with Google ebookstore

Google and iriver just announced that iriver’s latest 6″ ebook reader will soon be available at Target here in the US. It’s going to be tied to Google eBooks, and it will be the first ereader that will let you buy ebooks from Google direct from the device. It will be available in stores and online from 17 July, with a retail of $139.

This ereader is one that I’ve been dying to see ever since it first appeared around the time of CES 2011. It has a high resolution (1024×768) screen from LG Display. The screen is based on E-ink tech, but LG clearly put some work into giving it the higher resolution.

I’m still looking for the complete specs, but this is one ebook reader that is definitely on my buy list.

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  1. Jaxs11 July, 2011

    Curiosly the device available actually doesn’t have Wi-fi and I suppose this one will need to conect to Google Books.

    1. Nate Hoffelder11 July, 2011

      Google said it had Wifi, so I assume this model does have it.

  2. Dale DePriest11 July, 2011

    Actually I doubt they had to do much with the display. I think they just used the Triton display without the color. Hanvon has already announced this for a black and white version of the 9.7″ color device they also announced. The technology already announced at more than 200 dpi can likely easily reach 213.

  3. Smith11 July, 2011

    This must be a different version from the one that was released in europe a couple of weeks ago, the european one lacks WiFi.

  4. William Walsh11 July, 2011

    Hmm, not so sure. Having used the Nook 3g and now the Nook Touch, I’m not so sure that a new non-touch screen reader is going to fair so well, especially priced $20 more.

    Will have to see if I can get my hands on one to try it out and see if it can change my mind on that.

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