How to fix the latest (broken) version of Kindle for PC

How to fix the latest (broken) version of Kindle for PC Amazon e-Reading Software Amazon uploaded a new copy of Kindle 4 PC on Saturday (version 1.6, build 327771), and I hope you didn't install it. I did, and much to my dismay I discovered that it doesn't work.

I contacted Amazon immediately, and so far they have done nothing to fix this problem.  It's been 3 days that they've let this go on. What's worse is that the borked copy of K4PC is still available for download.

Amazon couldn't give me any useful tips on how to fix it from my end, so I sought help on MobileRead. The fix is pretty simple. All you need to do is uninstall the current copy and reinstall an older version of K4PC.

Don't worry; all your current ebooks should still be there after you reinstall K4PC. They were for me. All of my ebooks and their notes were showed up automatically in K4PC when I ran it.

You can find a copy on CNet's download site that will do the trick.  But be careful; I'm told that the install files are country specific. If you download the US version, for example, you won't be able to register it to an account at other Amazon sites, such I don't know if this is true.

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  1. They still haven’t fixed the 1969 bug. Been well over a month now, I think. I hope this new version will when they auto-update my copy.

  2. I fixed it by simply emptying the My Kindle Content folder in Documents. The next time I started K4PC it prompted me to download collections from my kindles and all my books appeared (as Archived Items) with little clouds-with-arrows on them. I downloaded the one I am currently reading on my kindle and it was synched to the proper page and my notes were there.

    I did notice that a lot of the items appear multiple times in the Archived Items list and that not all of my collections transferred over (though the books in them did).

  3. The reason you have to remove your books in my docs before using the new version is probably because they are improving their DRM to block the latest skindle program. Not that I use skindle……

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