How to piss off the Indie Bookseller

How to piss off the Indie Bookseller Uncategorized

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It's easy. Just send a poster featuring the Kindle.

A publisher by the name of Running Press had this poster made as free promotional tool for upcoming gift book Bent Object of My Affection by Terry Border. The photo at the top is from the book, and while it is eye-catching, I somehow feel that it's not suitable for an independent bookstore.

Jill Hendrix, owner of Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC, got the poster on Monday. “This is not something I’m going to hang up in my store,” Hendrix said.

Of course, the funny part here is that this wasn't a one man operation that made this mistake, Running Press are part of the Perseus Book Group. This poster was likely reviewed by a half dozen or more people and no one caught the faux pas.

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  1. It is a poster to promote his book not independent booksellers. I bet they got tons of stuff they do not hang up. It was that way when I was in retail.

    • He’s as upset as he would be if the poster said “Available now at your local B&N”. You don’t send someone promo stuff that mentions the competition. You just don’t.

  2. It seems appropriate to me. It shows that the book in in more than one format. If it’s hung in a physical bookstore those who see it obviously “buy printed books” and will do so if interested.
    They can grab it easier off the bookstores shelf than on-line at that given moment, after all!

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