Kobo iOS app no longer has the ebookstore inside

A friend just tipped me to Kobo's latest update in iTunes.

The new app was posted just this morning, and it has exactly 2 changes. They removed the ebookstore, and they added a "news" feed so Kobo can keep you updated on the latest promotions  in the kobo ebookstore.

I'm sure you know that Kobo had to remove the ebookstore or suffer the wrath of Steve, but have you thought about what the news feed represents? Okay, it turns out that it's just a new feed. But I was hoping that Kobo would use it as a subtle way to link to their ebookstore.

But now I think I understand the griping of @alanquatermain a few weeks back. From the timing, I think that he had just gotten the Borders app approved when Apple started being difficult about the Kobo app. The apps are largely identical, so there was no reason for one app to be approved and the other denied.

Yeah, I just checked and I cannot create an account in the app (just log in to an existing one). Now his griping makes sense. Apple approved features in the Borders app and then turned around and blocked those same features in the Kobo app.

Oy. I've called Apple capricious (only Steve  knows what they'll do next), but this is a new one.


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5 Comments on Kobo iOS app no longer has the ebookstore inside

  1. Now we wait for Amazon and Barnes & Noble to fall…

  2. the wrath of Steve

    Isn’t there a movie called The Wrath of Steve?


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