Sigil has a new caretaker

You might recall that about a month ago I posted a request concerning Sigil, the Epub editor. Its developer was moving on to a job at Google, and he no longer had time to support and maintain the app.

Strahinja  announced today that he’s found someone to take over.

As of today, the official maintainer for both Sigil and FlightCrew is John Schember (“user_none” on MobileRead). He’s a very bright and competent guy. He’s got what it takes, trust me. As a community, please give him the same consideration and respect you gave me. It will take him many weeks (if not a few months) to get fully up to speed with the codebase, so patience and a warm welcome from the community will make sure things go smoothly.

To those that are still on the fence on whether to contribute to Sigil’s development or not, get off that fence and help out John. 🙂

I’ve never met John, but I know of him and I know that you have likely used his work. He’s been a contributor to calibre for several years now, and a good part of the early ereader device support was his work.

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