Binatone Readme Mobile e-reader shipping soon

Binatone have just announced a new 7" ebook reader that they plan to ship soon. The new ereader hasn't been photographed anywhere and it's not listed yet on the product page, so I don't know what it looks like.

But Ido have some details. It's going to be a Kindle clone with a 7" (800x480)screen, Wifi, 2GB Flash, microSD card slot, and it runs Android v2.1. Retail will be £129 when it ships in a few weeks. It's going to come with some basic apps like a video player, email, browser, etc.There was no mention of the reading app.

So what device is it?

Binatone Readme Mobile e-reader shipping soon e-Reading Hardware Rockchip had a Kindle clone at CES 2011 that ran Android and had a 7" screen. Rockchip make cheap devices, so that could be what Binatone are selling. On the other hand, Augen also had a Kindle clone at CES 2011. That one was also designed  by a Chinese company so it might also be the new Binatone ebook reader.

I lean towards it being the Augen device; The Rockchip device looks like it has the wrong resolution. Of course, it could be something completely different.

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