OK Go released a HTML5 music video

Ok Go has released their latest album today, and they’re continuing their experiments with music. This video was produced in partnership with Google, and it was built using HTML5.

Unfortunately, I cannot embed it here. You see, it’s blocked for all browsers besides Chrome. And since I don’t have Chrome installed I can’t even watch it.  (And I’m not getting Chrome, not after getting it spammed  onto my laptop 3 times by Real Networks).

There’s a certain irony in this situation. Here we have a band that has apologized for their label blocking Youtube video embeds (it had to do with license fees). Now OK Go have made a video and they didn’t just block embedding the video; they blocked 85% of the browser market. Smart.

via allisnotlo.st

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. AGosling28 July, 2011

    It doesn’t even work in Chrome as far as I can see!

  2. MNielsen29 July, 2011

    As part of my site testing I use various browsers, and randomly browse on all of them. So occasionally I get across a site that tells me they don’t support IE (9) and it never seizes to amaze me that you would be cutting away 25% of your potential customers.
    I know IE is a pain and the latest version doesn’t fully support HTML5 (don’t want to go into a browser debate here), but cutting it all together seems like a really bad business move.
    I mean there are a couple of devices out there that I would rather not support because I don’t like the hassle or I honestly hate the company behind them. But I am still trying to create a company here so I have to look past my own bias and look at what is best for my startup.
    Anyway rant is over, so to all others that didn’t see the video; it is a nice enough video with multiple screens/angles at the same time. The gimmick though (you enter a text and they will display it during the video) is not new and has been done before. Still glad to see experiments with HTML5.

  3. […] this is actually the second time that Google arranged an exclusive. Back in July OK Go released a new music video that could only be viewed via Chrome. I remarked at the time that […]

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