iPad 3 coming in November, and other silly rumors

There’s a rumor flying around this week that Apple plan to introduce the next iPad some time in November. As the story goes, the iPad 3 will be a premium model starting at $500 and the iPad 2 will be discounted and sold off to clear stock.

Industry executives estimated Apple to offer discounted prices for iPad 2s in order to clear inventories before launching sales of iPad 3s by this Thanksgiving or next year. They forecast iPad 3s would go on sales at the same prices as iPad 2s’ launching prices.

Pull the other one; it has bell’s on.

I think this rumor is at most half true. Apple might discount the iPad 2, but I don’t see them introducing a new iPad this year. Even if the iPad is losing sales to Android, it’s still doing quite nicely. It took Apple 5 months since the iPad 2 was announced to finally get enough on hand to be able to promise next day shipping. That is a hell of a lot of tablets sold.

This rumor assumes that 1, the iPad 3 is almost ready to ship, and 2, Apple are worried about the competition. I don’t think either part is true. Apple don’t have any competition in the iPad market besides themselves, and I don’t see them introducing some competition by releasing two models in a single calendar year.

This is one that doesn’t even pas the sniff test. What do you think?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. curiosity killed the..4 August, 2011

    i’m not sure if ya heard any of these rumors that floated around the same stories of ipad 3 but i heard there was going to be like an ipad 2.5 that had like double the screen resolution and pre-installed pro style office software but the same hardware guts
    that it probably would be released in that nov time frame as an ipad 2 pro with a premium price attached.
    from all that i have been following with android tablets as of late and road map laid out by nvidia of their tablet cpu’s.every 6 months they come out with their next cpu upgrade and the android tablets scramble to be the next 1st one to have it on their brand.
    it would make sense if apple did start a counter 6 month system like intel uses on a year to year tick and tock.
    if that’s whats going on an ipad tick comes once a year with new hardware guts and an ipad pro tock comes 6 months later with the same guts but improved pro functionality.
    regardless of what happens in the coming months with apple i think android with the help of nvidias chip turn out is hot on the tail of apple and if these new kal el quad core chips come as promised before the end of the year and apple doesn’t come out with an improved cpu at the same time then it will be apple lagging behind trying to keep up with android lol.
    androids already got 30-35% of the tablet market from nothing in a year and 1/2 turn.as fragmented as the android market was when it started its pretty clear these latest batches of cookie cutter screen resolution, dual-core cpu, and 1 gig ram tablets toting honeycomb have shown there can be order in the chaos legion.

  2. Mike Cane4 August, 2011

    What he said. It was Apple Rose Gruber who started the speculation about a late-2011 iPad.

  3. fjtorres4 August, 2011

    Tech issues aside, most consumer electronics products show strong seasonality.
    Gaming consoles, ebook readers, and other entertainment-focused devices rack up the majority of their yearly sales in the last four months of the calendar year.
    With that in mind, Apple would be well advised to shift their iPad intros to the fall.
    However, november is late for an intro, so if they are in fact coming out with anything new that late in the selling season, it suggests they only recently caught on to the market’s seasonality, or had problems in design or sourcing. Most new products that hit that late in the year do so in limited quantities, more as a marketing exercise than a real revenue generator. Novmber intros are usually rush jobs and placeholders.
    Apple is Apple, their products don’t need to be technologicaly competitive to be “cool” and they are so introspective they rarely care what competitors are doing (unless the competitor is based in Redmond), so a rush job in a market they own doesn’t make much sense.
    Unless their spies have seen *something* in Win8/ARM… 😉

    1. curiosity killed the..4 August, 2011

      lol win8 really is the elephant in the room for tablets.
      microsoft hasn’t spent much advertising or used much of the media’s influence to say hey look at me.
      but everyone knows its coming because they are microsoft and if they cant build a competing tablet they will buy out some company that can and still come out smelling like roses.
      i do think its smart of them to wait out the market because they know the ipad was just a shiny toy people wanted ipad 2 was more shiny but has a little power to it. when the era of the quad-core tablets arrive is when people will start saying you know this isn’t just a toy any more we could actually consider dumping netbooks IF it weren’t for the fact the os’s weren’t still smartphone os’s with a spit shine. that’s when microsoft shortly afterwards says well.. ya know we have a whole windows 8 tablet.
      so ya windows probably saved a bunch of money by not joining the ratrace while everybody was still crawling around in diapers and they’re waiting at the 3rd-4th generation starting point saying functionality ya we got that and a whole lot more.

      1. fjtorres4 August, 2011

        People tend forget MS already has a horse in the race and have a track record.
        Tablet PCs are built around pen input istead of finger tapping and are focused on the corporate market rather than consumers, but as a long time user of the tech I can personally attest that even the early Crusoe-based TC1000 blows the iPad (to say nothing of the android pads) out of the water in power and functionality.
        It is no accident that even without any publicized push, tablet PCs still command 10-15% of the tablet market. And it is the most profitable 10%, too.
        Not saying they are, but if Cupertino is actually concerned about Win8/Arm, they would he well justified, as Microsoft is a clear industry leader in human interaction tech, be it vision, voice, or ink.
        How much of that they choose to deploy will determine if Win/8Arm is a threat or not.

        1. curiosity killed the..4 August, 2011

          true i wasn’t denying microsoft doesn’t already have a stake in the tech but they are letting other companies do all the grunt work while they just sell them the win7 licensees. i believe the main reason most don’t consider MS in the tablet race is most if not all the tablets out with windows are easily twice the price of the golden standard $500.
          not that they aren’t justified its just MS has that seal of approval standard they created way back in the day for slates and if a company doesn’t hit that standard when they come out with one MS doesn’t support it or even acknowledge it exists. also i have this sneaky suspicion that ms is playing it cool and happily watching the mayhem with a close eye at apples product saturation waiting for android to happily break the 50% then MS will start playing more aggressively for a 2nd place spot and one day maybe even 1st.

          1. fjtorres4 August, 2011

            Well, MS considers tablets as computers so they’re following their PC/smartphone business model. With Zune hardware folding, they don’t really seem all that interested in hardware these days (withness the fate of the impresive courier).

            It’s hard to argue with this approach, given the ongoing wars over android IP (or lack of same); by the time litigation is over, it may be that licensing Win8 might be a cheaper solution to paying Apple, Oracle, MS, and whoever else might pop out of the woodwork. (I’m thinking HP has a team poring over their Palm IP looking for a chance to go after Android themselves. 🙂 )

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  5. Virginia23 January, 2012

    I am so excited for the iPad 3 to come out! I am soooooo going to get one! I was going to get the iPad 2, but I looked up iPad 3 and it seems that there is one. I am going to get that instead. I really hope there is SIRI on the new tablet because when I saw the iPhone 4s with it, I really got jealous! I think all of the people who got iPad 2’s for Christmas are going to be really upset! :/

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