Pandigital Supernova Android tablet will ship in September

Earlier today Pandigital announced their line of three Android tablets, all with 7″ screens. They’re all on the market already, so it was to some degree a non-announcement.

But there was one other interesting detail in the press release. Pandigital mentioned a 4th Android tablet which was going to ship next month. I now have confirmation from Pandigital that the 8″ Supernova tablet that cleared the FCC last week is indeed the 4th tablet.

It’s basically the same tablet as the 7″ Nova, only it has an 8″ screen. The user manual is visible on the FCC paperwork, so I have the full specs:

  • Android v2.3
  • 8″(600×800) capacitive screen
  • 4GB Flash storage
  • microSD card slot
  • 2 cameras (3MP & 0.3MP)
  • Wifi(n)
  • HDMI out
  • USB Host
  • speaker and a microphone

The specs aren’t all that amazing, but this tablet could present an interesting research opportunity. I’m going to see if I can put the Nova next to the SuperNova and use them both. The screens are only slightly different in size, and I wonder how that extra inch will affect usability.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. burger flipper4 August, 2011

    Do you have a Nova? Over on slatedroid (buried in the “nova available at best buy” thread in the Planet section, a little playing around indicates that the Nova screen is resistive instead of capacitive as Pandigital specs say.

    I suspect the same will be true of the Super Nova

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 August, 2011

      I’m planning to get one later today. Thanks for the correction.

      1. burger flipper4 August, 2011

        not meaning to correct you. Pandigital is calling it a capacitive screen. But according to some owners over on slatedroid it works with plastic styluses, so they are mis-representing it.

        The do say it is much more responsive and supports multi (at least up to 2) touch.

        So definitely a better screen.

        1. grannycindy5 August, 2011

          It responds to pinch touch.
          I bought a nova yesterday.

  2. mark anderson21 August, 2011

    the nova specs on the sreen is ….Panel ( ActiveTouch™ with multi-touch Digital TFT LCD)

    now the sreen on the Supernova might be differance lets not get the two units confussed as they did at

  3. Indesi23 August, 2011

    There’s a sticker that comes on the Nova that says CapactiveTouch™ and it’s definitely not capacitive as it responds to a non-conductive stylus. I really doubt the SuperNova will be capacitive either, could be wrong but Pandigital has been far from forthright with their latest products. We’re still waiting on sources as well for all devices…PD won’t be seeing any my green.

  4. Jbo31 August, 2011

    I was at Best Buy the other day and I think I used the Nova and really liked using that screen. If anyone does get the Super Nova, please let me know if the touch screen is compared to the Nova.

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