Breaking News: iPad 3 will have a color screen!

I've just gotten a tip from an anonymous source at Apple. My source has told me (and I've yet to confirm this elsewhere) that the new iPad 3 will indeed be using a screen to display images, show movies, and let you use apps and play games. While my source couldn't tell me the resolution or type of screen tech, I was told that the screen will be in color.

It's a color screen! Yay!

It's clear that my aggressive reporting (in the style of Boy Genius Report, Digitimes) last month on the leaked  iPad 3 cable has paid off. Now I can tell you that the iPad 3 will also have a battery. I also have the exclusive news that the iPad 3 will be released in the next 6 to 12 months and it may or may not be thinner than the iPad 2.


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11 Comments on Breaking News: iPad 3 will have a color screen!

  1. I’ve heard that Apple will also use pixels in that screen.

  2. It will definitely be thinner!

  3. Going out on a limb there with that prediction? -)

  4. curiosity killed the.. // 6 August, 2011 at 12:32 am // Reply

    the new ipad 3 will be so thin you have to constantly hold the top and bottom of the device at all times otherwise it will flop over like a sheet of paper from its own weight.

  5. Ha Ha! Awesome. I think this post is by far the best Ipad3 coverage! ;o)

  6. I also heard that it has a touch screen but you know how these internet rumors are.

  7. Would it be connected to Internet ?

  8. I heard that the ipad3 uses electricity to show cleverly crafted layouts of numbers, such as 0 and 1.

    Apple is rumored to have invented this groundbreaking new product. But that has to be confirmed yet.

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