Kobo’s secret link to their ebookstore is gone from their iOS app

On Monday I wrote a post about how Kobo had gotten around Apple’s no links to the ebookstore rule, and I explained how you could use it.

A reader left a comment a few minutes ago that the link was gone. Obviously someone at Amazon Apple reads this blog (I already knew that), because it looks like Amazon Apple made Kobo remove the links. That same post is still there but it was edited to remove the links. I don’t see a reason why Kobo would do that other than Amazon Apple forcing them too.

Call me petty, but I do enjoy making everyone dance to my tune.

Nate Hoffelder

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Nate Hoffelder is the founder of The Digital Reader. He has been blogging about indie authors since 2010 while learning new tech skills weekly. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group.


  1. karen wester newton5 August, 2011

    Amazon forced them? Or Apple forced them?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2011

      Clearly I have Amazon on the brain.

      1. Void5 August, 2011

        You missed one 😛

        1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2011


      2. fjtorres5 August, 2011

        Sitting on a hot Kindle4 NDA, are you? 😉

        1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2011

          i wish.

  2. kelly5 August, 2011

    Why do you say stuff like “Call me petty, but I do enjoy making everyone dance to my tune” that is kind of a very arrogant thing to say. This is why your blog and what you say is never taken seriously

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 August, 2011

      If “what I say is never taken seriously”, then why do you read my blog?

      I just checked, and your only other comment was also an example of you trolling my blog. Why do you bother? Do you really have nothing better to do?

    2. Albert Yang5 August, 2011

      You need a sense of humor.

      1. Void5 August, 2011

        You need a sense of irony.

  3. kelly6 August, 2011

    I am not trolling your blog i read other e-reader and ebook blogs including teleread and goodereader, all of which actually write their articles as journalists. You could take a lesson of how to write things objectively. With your little jibs at the industry it seems you think you are the king of the schoolyard, which you are not.

    1. Nate Hoffelder6 August, 2011

      But I am the king of this blog, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t crow about the effect I had on major companies.

      And as for writing like a journalist, well, I prefer to write like the tech expert that lots of people seem to think I am.

  4. Chris6 August, 2011

    “Three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead. ” – Ben Franklin

  5. kelly6 August, 2011

    Tech Expert? Most of the stuff I am reading these days, wow FCC application or breaking news ipad 3 color screen, I would say in the 3 months or more I have been reading your blog, you are just saying what every other tech blog is saying. I don’t see many reviews of ereaders you have physically had in your hands or news items that you are breaking exclusively. Most stuff i have been reading here are first reported elsewear. Not so much a king as a parrot.. polly wanna e-reader?

    1. Nate Hoffelder6 August, 2011

      You know, I let your trolling go on just in case you might contribute something useful. Nope. So far that hasn’t happened.

      1. Moriah Jovan8 August, 2011

        I’m being entertained. That’s useful, right?

        1. Nate Hoffelder8 August, 2011

          It’s better than nothing.

  6. dale6 September, 2011

    I just bought one of these lookbook’s for my son how do I down load books where do I start. there was no information with the Lookbook….

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