registered – not gonna be a product registered - not gonna be a product e-Reading Hardware The tech blog Fusible noticed this morning that Amazon appears to have registered a new URL at Naturally everyone is jumping to the conclusion that this is the next Kindle product, because after all, why else would Amazon want the domain?

Nope, sorry. This isn't a sign of a new product. Once I heard the name I checked for a trademark for Kindle Air. There wasn't one. If Amazon had intended to use Kindle Air as a product name, they would have registered a trademark. They would do that before buying the URL. It's much more important.

My guess is that someone at Amazon noticed that they didn't control this domain and grabbed it just to keep it off the market. They've done it before. In fact, I know someone who was pressured into giving up his website address at

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  1. nope – it’s definitely a lighter, thinner, cloud-based e-reader with unibody construction.

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