NookColor now $180 on Ebay – a new model is coming

For the second week in a row, Barnes & Noble are offering a refurbished NookColor ebook reader for $189+shipping. You can find the deal on B&N’s outlet page on Ebay. It comes with 1 year limited warranty and 90 days tech support.

About a month ago I noted that B&N were selling the NookColor on Ebay for $190. Now it’s $180, so it seems my prediction was correct.  They are dropping the price a little bit at a time.

The last time we saw this kind of pattern (incrementally selling refurbs for less and less money) from Barnes & Noble, they released the Nook Touch a short while later. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that they’re doing it again.

Some time this fall B&N are likely to release a new ebook reader. I don’t know the specs but I will bet that it’s coming.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. fjtorres10 August, 2011

    If they keep it up, I may be interested come Labor Day. 😉

  2. Joern11 August, 2011

    Did you mean, 179,99 Dollar, or is this the new Price? btw “493 sold” 😉

  3. […] doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that a new NookColor was coming soon. I expected it to ship in October, not September, but I […]

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