HP TouchPad running Android shows up on Reddit (video)

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Now this is a curious turn of events.

In a post titled “One of the guys at work went to Best Buy saturday to get an hp touchpad, it already had android on it“, one person at Reddit is claiming to have gotten a Touchpad that runs Froyo (Android v2.2.1).  It’s supposed to have been bought at a BestBuy store as part of the clearance sale.

The TouchPad has QUIC in the boot screen, and that’s a rather interesting detail. It stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center, and as you can probably guess that is  one of Qualcomm’s research centers. Checkout the video and you’ll see it boot all the way into Android and you’ll see the settings menu show that it’s running Froyo.

I’m sorry, but the story doesn’t really add up.

Did Qualcomm work on an Android port? Almost certainly. But how would a copy of the Android firmware get out of the research center and into the retail trade? That would require someone transferring the file to whatever factory assembled the TouchPad. Given that these things were assembled and had their firmwares flashed on an assembly line, how could it happen that just 1 TouchPad got the wrong firmware?

To be honest, I don’t know how likely or unlikely this is. Does anyone care to hazard a guess?

But I am hoping it’s true. This could be so cool.

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  1. curiosity killed the..22 August, 2011

    ok picture this a Qualcomm employee buys a touchpad from bestbuy full price he puts said froyo on his device and then the big price drop thing happens and instead of getting the remainder money he goes and gives it back to bestbuys for a refund(i would suspect a good portion of bestbuys “new” touchpads they sold after they changed their minds on selling them was returns from other people. so now that tablets in the mix and them someone else snatches it up and finds the android sitting pretty on it like a secret treasure left for someone to find =)

  2. Scott_T22 August, 2011

    Without the source code its next to useless. Even if it does run its bound to need some work.


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