New Agency Pricing lawsuit filed

Another anti-trust lawsuit has been filed to day, which now makes (I believe) 4 lawsuits in process in various parts of the US. ( Can you believe that it’s only been 2 weeks since the first lawsuit was filed?)

Like the others, this is a class-action suit. It was filed by Finkelstein Thompson and it goes after all of the Big 6 publishers (and Apple). There’s no word on the  umber of defendants but it looks like Finkelstein Thompson have decided to complicate the issue by also suing  under anti-trust laws for the states of CA and MD as well as under federal laws. That could get interesting.

But other than as a technical matter, this really isn’t all that interesting. These lawsuits won’t settle anything in any reasonable amount of time.

Remember, the Google Books lawsuit is still going on after 6 years. If this suit is resolved in less than that then I will be terribly surprised. In fact, I ;ve said it before but it bears repeating. By the time this lawsuit is settled, the ebook market will have changed enough that the settlement will look a little ridiculous as well as irrelevant.



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  1. Edward Renehan23 August, 2011

    The antitrust slant is interesting … because it may well be also valid. This will be cool to watch play out.

  2. […] when Apple formally responded to the the allegations.You probably remember last summer when over a dozen similar class action lawsuits were filed. The specifics varied between the suits, but the general tenor was the same. Five publishers and […]


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