OnSale now cancelling HP TouchPad orders

It looks like Barnes & Noble weren’t the only ones who bungled the TouchPad situation. One of the retailers that I pointed you at a couple days ago forgot to stop taking orders when they ran out of TouchPads.

OnSale posted a note on their Facebook page earlier today and warned their customers that they screwed up.

We are now in the process of filling valid orders using all available inventory on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be cancelling all orders that we cannot promptly fill and sending cancellation notices. Thank you for your understanding and your patience as we deal with this unprecedented event.

One of those orders is mine, and I’m more than a little perturbed about it. I haven’t gotten a cancellation notice, and I’m hoping I won’t.

Okay, I wouldn’t expect a stock control system to have an automated cut off, but shouldn’t someone have marked it as unavailable before they ridiculously oversold?

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  1. Political Season23 August, 2011

    I’m hoping I don’t end up cancelled by them as well and frankly, if they are not going to fulfill my order, I’d like to know that ASAP and have my $200 bucks refunded so I can seek a Touchpad elsewhere (or not). But if they will not be shipping my order, then I’d like them to not hold my money for days before letting me know.

  2. curiosity killed the..23 August, 2011

    damnit thats where i bought mine from i havent gotten any cancellation emails yet but i havent been charged either and i ordered 2 days ago like 4-5pm sunday afternoon it was like 5 minutes after seeing a post on twitter saying they had them on amazon. i havent seen any other emails(except advertising) from amazon since they sent me the this item was ordered email that i got seconds after buying.

  3. Ellen Hage23 August, 2011

    Wow, This is crazy! My bank account has been charged, but it is pending. That happened today. So is that good news or just an automatic thing? I saw the Facebook page, but I think some sort of email from Amazon and OnSale explaining the situation should have been sent out. If it wasn’t for you Nate, I would never have known. I would be still in ignorant bliss thinking my tablet is “shipping soon”.

  4. Scott_T23 August, 2011

    Shoot, I’m pending for 2x$100+sh. Microcenter cancelled me and now waiting to see what happens at onsale. Dont know how many more I can order and not get!

  5. Sweetpea24 August, 2011

    Every site I’ve seen that had the pad had them out of stock… I just watched an English shop go from 901 in-stock to out-of-stock. Without a price change!

    Is it only a huge publicity stunt?

  6. curiosity killed the..24 August, 2011

    just got the email telling me my orders been canceled..i dunno if i wanna spend another 3 days searching high and low for another seller.

  7. Scott_T24 August, 2011

    onsale cancelled me.

    1. Scott_T24 August, 2011

      Wouldnt surprise me if ebay scalpers are snatching all these up.

  8. Rahn24 August, 2011

    FYI, now that the cancellations and shipment notices went out from OnSale there are lots of discrepancies, even with the same buyer, as to the so-called “First Come-First Served” policy.

  9. Peter25 August, 2011

    I heard reports Best Buy cancelled as well.

    When multiple online shops cancel their orders at the same time. You shouldn’t blame the shop.

    My guess is that HP screwed up their own inventory system and promised the resellers they would ship them more units than they actually could. Turnover times for online retailers are so fast that the merchandise is typically bought before it ever reaches the warehouse. So the inventory management systems the etailers were using never failed- HP just gave them the wrong number.

    People should be calling out HP for this stunt- the retailers got screwed too.

  10. Veeresh Devireddy22 September, 2011

    For those who’s HP Touchpad orders got cancelled, can now get it back at OnSale.com store, hurry up. Refer here:

    – Veeresh


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