Introducing the FrankenKindle (video)

Introducing the FrankenKindle (video) e-Reading Hardware One industrious Kindle owner has hacked together a new accessible Kindle design. Ben Heck, eat your heart out.

The FrankenKindle was created for the hacker's sister, who is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. It uses several custom circuit boards, a sliced and diced Kindle, and buttons which were ripped from an educational toy.

I'd call it an ugly design but it works; function trumps form any day. Also, this is just the first prototype. His sister hasn't even tried it yet. The hacker plans to refine the design based on her experiences as well as clean up the exposed boards, dangling cables, and other issues.

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  1. Very clever! I really hope his sister will enjoy hours of reading pleasure with her brothers amazing invention!

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