How to Convert your eBook Library into Morse Code

ebook2cw-thumb[1]Earlier this week I came across an app that will take a text file and write it into an audio file as Morse code.

No, I’m not joking. The app is called Ebooks2CW and it can make mp3 or ogg files.The audio files are full of beeps that correspond to dots and dashes. There’s a version for Linux and Windows, and the Windows version also offers a GUI to make it easy. Ebooks2CW only works with text files, so it can’t really convert your ebook library. But the idea is there.

Now, I don’t see any real use for this app, but I still think it’s cool. It’ right up there with my plan to build a collection of ebooks on punch cards.

Oh, yeah, at one point I had worked out a plan to start an analog ebook lending library. I never followed through on it due to limited funds at the time, but it was a fun little project.

Ebooks2CW via Linux Journal

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  1. Gary Smith3 September, 2011

    I’m not saying it’s of much use to the general population, but it would be potentially of use to people practicing morse code (mostly amateur radio operators these days). What better way to stay fluent than to “read” the latest Tom Clancy book in morse?

  2. G7MRV1 May, 2013

    Im a radio ham learning Morse, im fed up with random characters or ‘most common words’, this app should let me create much more interesting code to practice with that I can play on my car stereo.

  3. B G lett16 May, 2018

    This is incredibly useful for ham radio operators like me.


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