Jetbook Color Launched in Russia – 9.7″ Color E-ink Screen

The Moscow International Book Fair will be opening Wednesday morning, and Ectaco will be there. They'll be showing off all their ebook readers, translators, and other gadgets, but most importantly they will have the Jetbook Color on display.This is the same basic device that I mentioned a few weeks back, only this one has been localized for the Russian educational market. Like the US version, it has a number of educational apps that were developed in partnership with Russian schools.

Ectaco have designed the Jetbook Color to be the only device a student will need. It comes with a schedule guide, a test-taking app, training manuals for each grade, graphic, accounting, and scientific calculators, and a pronunciation dictionary.It also has an illustrated dictionaries for 36 languages and a translator for 180 languages.

The Jetbook Color is based on the newly available color E-ink screen, which was first shown off at CES 2011 (specs). It's using a 9.7" screen, to be exact, and it's the same size screen as the Kindle DX. The Jetbook Color also has a Wacom touchscreen, Wifi, a microSD card slot, and optional 3G. It's running on an 800MHz CPU and weighs about 550 grams.

It's selling in Russia right now and the retail price is 15,000 rubles (~$506 USD). That's around $150 more than the US price. You should be glad that there's so much competition here, otherwise the US price would also be that high.

The US model won't be shipping until December.

via Ectaco

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11 Comments on Jetbook Color Launched in Russia – 9.7″ Color E-ink Screen

  1. My school district in CT has been on the hunt for some eBook reader for quite some time. I’ve been helping with the research but the problem, for us anyway, is getting something without a dedicated book store, with no ability to browse websites and the right size.

    This jetbook color really needs to come here because it appears to be what we are looking for. Hopefully i will be able to get my hands on one so i can show the board for consideration.

  2. Nice pictures. I hope this unit will be available in US soon and parents can buy it for kids. $350 price for Color E ink screen is very competitive.

  3. It has Ukrainian in it! Cool! So it must be selling in Ukraine as well!

  4. loooks nice, I wonder what’s the speed of scrolling pages?? Will Ectaco produce new firmwares, updates for this gadget?
    Who will be selling it in Russia? I would have a look at it..
    Will the price be cheaper?

  5. If it is true that the device has so many features, children should finish school with disctinction!

    In what colors the device will come?

  6. The official website of Ectaco Russia already has information about jetBook color. Very nice, I’m long-long waiting for color e-ink. Yes!

  7. Color Ink Readers are sure better than any LCD Tablets – you can read on it without glare and eye-fatigue. B&W ink readers can not win since all school books are in color and with pictures. I think this would be a great new step for the school evolution!

  8. Sounds great. I am sure my kids are gonna love it. The price seems to be very competitive too. Can’t wait to get a hold of this e-reader.

  9. Good news! I was using their translator with monochrome tft screen for a long time. But Color E ink is better I think

  10. My niece is starting school this year and we are now trying to find all the things that can be useful for her during her study years. Looking at this device I have a strong feeling that I want it for her…. and already for myself too! Waiting for it!! As it really has the properties I need and the price is adequate đŸ™‚

  11. Let Amazon update ther kindle dx for God’s sake!

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