2 New 7″ Android Tablets from Velocity Micro now Leaked on Amazon

Earlier today Velocity Micro formally launched a pair of Android tablets. They have decent specs, reasonable prices, and they look pretty.

But guess what? VM forgot to tell us about the other 2 tablets that they have up for pre-order.

Right now you can find all 4 of Velocity Micro’s new Android tablets on Amazon, including the two 7″ Gingerbread tablets that they haven’t announced yet. The PS47 and PS127 Android tablets look to be closely related to each other but they have a few differences. I think they both have the same screen resolution, CPU speed, Wifi, microSD card slot, as well as general design, but the PS47 has slightly better hardware.

The PS47 has a capacitive, not resistive touchscreen, and it also has a front facing camera. It also costs $200, which is about $30 more than the PS127. Both tablets will ship with the Kindle app, Amazon Appstore, and a bunch of other apps (just like the T408 and T410).

I just checked and neither device appears to have cleared the FCC. This means that we don’t know for sure when they will be released.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to seeing these tablets. Gingerbread runs quite well on budget tablets and I would say that these 2 are quite competitively priced.



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  1. john7 September, 2011

    dell streak 7 (wifi) w/ gingerbread for $200-$250 is a great tablet and it’s been out for awhile….don’t understand why it seems to be ignored by most (not you specifically).

    1. john7 September, 2011

      the dell streak 7 even has front and rear cameras. not even all high end tablets have both……

    2. Nate Hoffelder7 September, 2011

      I gave it some attention, but for most of last year it was rather expensive, right? That’s probably why i didn’t cover it.

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  3. Sweetpea8 September, 2011

    I only knew about a 5″ Dell… And that one was horribly expensive…

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