Do you use Google Reader?

One of the blogs I follow has raised an interesting question and I wanted to repeat it here.

The blog belongs to John Miedema, the author of Slow Reading, a book on the learning technique. He’s in the process of updating his blog and he was worried about losing his RSS feed followers. He asked if anyone was following the RSS feed, and he wanted to know if we used a feed reader like Bloglines or Google Reader.

It’s been only a day and he’s gotten 5 responses. That’s a small survey group but it is rather telling. All 5 respondents use Google reader to follow more than 100 feeds. Three of us follow 500 or more feeds.

This could be a coincidence, but I don’t think so. Google Reader doesn’t have the best design (I’ve complained about it before here & here), but one thing it can do quite well is organize a large volume of RSS feeds. I think gReader will tend to be used by the power-users like me simply because it handles a large volume.

Do you use gReader, and if so, how many feeds do you follow?

Nate Hoffelder

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Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader. He has been blogging about indie authors since 2010 while learning new tech skills weekly. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group.


  1. Rick8 September, 2011

    Google Reader user with around 40 subscriptions.

  2. Michael Allen8 September, 2011

    For what it’s worth, 63 feeds followed. Prefer it to Bloglines.

  3. Steve Prior8 September, 2011

    123 feeds in Google Reader.
    Wondered whether to use something else but haven’t got around to a serious search yet.

  4. Abc8 September, 2011

    ~200 subscriptions. GR is perfect for train/tube reeading 🙂

  5. ibgl8 September, 2011

    165 feeds in Reader. Though because I read the posts in Reader, I am much less likley to leave a comment…

  6. p0w8 September, 2011

    GReader – 77 feeds

  7. jdeb8 September, 2011

    GReader, 82 feeds (and another dozen subscriptions to bookmarks). Let’s not talk about how many unread…

  8. Ricardo8 September, 2011

    Google Reader with around 30 feeds. Main advantage being able to load and sync read articles between home, job, iphone apps, etc. Staring and searching also work great.

  9. Paul Kater8 September, 2011

    Greader with some 60 feeds

  10. Audrey8 September, 2011

    1000+ feeds (yikes) and Google Reader.

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 September, 2011

      Most of those can be deleted without missing anything. I know because I used to have that many feeds

  11. EC8 September, 2011

    Google reader – 167 feeds for me

  12. BG8 September, 2011

    About 100 feeds in Google Reader

  13. Riya8 September, 2011

    Google Reader – 61 subscriptions.

  14. Edwin8 September, 2011

    I Combine GR with the app Feedly: it imports my 600+ feeds en presents it wonderfully…

  15. NeoWolf8 September, 2011

    Google Reader and I’ve got it pruned down to 22 subscriptions.

  16. John8 September, 2011

    Nice follow-up post Nate. Lots of extra stats.

  17. Dan8 September, 2011

    187 subscriptions in Google Reader. I’m using it at home, at work and most of all on my mobile phone.

  18. Jason K.8 September, 2011

    I use it, and follow around 60 (it used to be larger, but I’ve recently had to cut back, I didn’t have enough time each day…).

  19. William Donohue8 September, 2011

    Google Reader – 208 feeds. Read either in the web client or in Reeder for Mac OS/iOS. I had been using Endo ), but it’s apparently no longer available for download.

  20. daffy4u8 September, 2011

    Google Reader with 79 subscriptions.

  21. paula8 September, 2011

    488, some of them are feeds that resulted from a Google search of specific terms.

  22. Dustin Sullivan8 September, 2011

    Google Reader – 64 subscriptions

  23. Chuck8 September, 2011

    696 feeds in Google Reader

  24. Laura8 September, 2011

    Google Reader with about 100 feeds.

  25. elmar8 September, 2011

    28 and counting now that I have discovered it!

  26. Dave Riley8 September, 2011

    545 subscriptions in 20 folders on Gooogle Reader. It is my online hub. I have a Folder just for ebookery…

  27. Debbie8 September, 2011

    I use Google Reader to read 194 feeds. I think a lot of them are really for feeds that have stopped posting–really have to get in there and clean it out.

  28. Stephen8 September, 2011

    Google reader with 140 subscriptions in a dozen folders. I have 5 folders of different types of blogs, several folders with stuff of interest for different work projects, a couple organising webcomics I read when in that mood, etc.

    I don’t read everything that shows up, especially on some of the big aggregate blogs. But most of my online reading does come from this way.

  29. Sweetpea9 September, 2011

    What is this Google Reader you’re talking about?

    (just kidding, I only read RSS feeds when I’m behind a pc and those 6 I actually do read are in my FF’s bookmarks toolbar)

  30. tst2569 September, 2011

    GR – 36 feeds

  31. DebbyS9 September, 2011

    I don’t know a thing about Google Reader (not kidding), but I really don’t need even more material I don’ t have time to read…

  32. Quasar9 September, 2011

    Definitely. Its the google product I use most. Have over a hundred feeds, which I use with both Feedly and Flipboard as front ends which I use multiple times per day.

  33. Gary O10 September, 2011

    250 feeds. Use Feedly on computer, and Reader HD on Android tablet, both of which integrate with Google Reader.

  34. Lasto Adri15 September, 2011

    Yes I do, around 800+ RSS feeds I follow.

  35. […] and I currently follow over 1,900 RSS feeds. While that is a little on the high side, the one time I ran a poll I learned that most gReader users use the app to follow an average of more than 100 RSS […]


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