Contest: Win An E-ink Snowglobe on Twitter

Contest: Win An E-ink Snowglobe on Twitter Amazon blog maintenance

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A short time ago I posted a picture of my latest freebie, and I'm going to be giving it away in a contest.

Update: The contest is closed. The winners will be announced momentarily.

It's a little rubber ball filled with a clear liquid and black and white pebbles. E-ink had them made so the balls could be used to demonstrate how an E-ink screen works.(Watch the first few minutes of this video and you'll understand why.) Each ball represents one capsule in an E-ink screen, and the white and black pebbles represent the pigment microcapsules that are used to make the screen white, gray, or black.

If you're having trouble picturing it, just think of it as a snowglobe.

One detail I didn't post was that E-ink sent me a case of the balls, not just the one ball. How would you like to win one in a contest?

Contest: Win An E-ink Snowglobe on Twitter Amazon blog maintenance

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I'm going to give away 8 balls in each of 2 contests. This first contest will be held on Twitter, and the second one will be held on Facebook. The Twitter contest will come first.

The rules for Twitter are simple.

  1. The contest will run for a week, and it is open to everyone in the world.
  2. You can enter the contest by tweeting about one of the the posts here on The Digital Reader.
  3. Be sure to include a link, and don't forget to mention my Twitter handle, (@ThDigitalReader), otherwise I might not notice.
  4. The winners will be chosen randomly one week from today.
  5. The balls will be shipped in a timely fashion via the postal service.
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3 Comments on Contest: Win An E-ink Snowglobe on Twitter

  1. Damn, one more contest that requires Tweeter/FB account, damn social networks đŸ™‚
    I understand that is nice way for promotion, but nevertheless I still don’t like it…

  2. Love it! I was wondering how I could get one of these… How will the winners be notified? I personally never open my twitter account, so either an announcement or email would be ideal.

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