BookieJar now the First Self-Pub Platform to Offer Autographed Ebooks

BookieJar now the First Self-Pub Platform to Offer Autographed Ebooks Autograph BookieJar announced last night that they've taken the step that I've been waiting to see since May: readers can now use BookieJar to request an autograph from authors. I'm thrilled to see this move and in fact I've been wondering what took everyone so long.

When I attended BEA 2011 back in May I encountered a number of ebook autographing systems, including Autography, iDolVine, and more. While I don't like some of the ways that the autographs are used, I did like the general idea. I also thought that this is one thing that everyone would add to their ebookstores in the not too distant future.

Autographed ebooks are a relatively low-cost, high value item that many readers will appreciate. It's also something that ebooks can do which you cannot do with paper books (shipping costs can be a killer). I like it it because it doesn't take much work for an author to generate a unique, personalized momento for a fan.

BookieJar are calling their system "Autograph Now!", and it's open to all participating authors. I don't recognize the system they're using, but it appears to be web based.  Authors can respond to signature requests from their account page and they can sign their name with a mouse or with a finger or stylus on a touchscreen enabled device. They also have the option of creating a generalized signature to embed in all their books.

This is strictly a signed ebook system, and that's not my preference. I like to keep my autographs in a collection separate from my ebooks. But it is a step in the right direction.

BTW, I expect an ebook autographing system like this one to show up in the Kindle Store by the end of the year. I don't know how many authors will participate but I think it will be there.

If you want to be free of Amazon, you might want to look at the platform independent Kindlegraph. It's in the process of launching under a new name, and it has over 1500 authors participating already.

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  1. Thanks for the great insight!
    BookieJar team is as excited about “Autograph Now!” and we are thrilled to see authors starting to organize in-person eBook signing events thanks to our technology that allows to sign directly on the reader’s device.
    We really like the idea of digital autograph collection and we are currently working on functionalities to let readers showcase their collection of digital autographs on their blogs, websites… Keep an eye on us 🙂

    Co-founder of BookieJar

  2. This is just another step into the future of ebooks! I can’t wait to “e-autograph” mine!

  3. Hello,

    Your blog post is quite old, but doesn’t matter, I though it could interest you to know that the first PC/Mac (ie. not tactile) standalone software (ie. not binded with a server or online library) allowing ebook dedication/signing (I mean inside the ebook not into a separated document) has been released on december 2014. It’s called Dedee and it’s here : ; including a FAQ.

    Now, you can dedicate your ebooks everywhere (fair, home, street), when you want, and keep connected with your readers…


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