First look at the Kindle Store

First look at the Kindle Store eBookstore Earlier today I showed you a couple of product pages for Kindle ebooks on Now I can show you something even better.

Merrill Goussot, the editor of Le Journal du Kindle, sent me a screen shot (at right) and a link. Part of the Kindle Store is up and running right now. Well, it's up at the moment. You can't actually do anything because none of the product pages are available.

To be honest, the screen shot doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know. The French Kindle Store is going to look like the US, UK, and German Kindle Stores. But if this page reflects the prices accurately, the French Kindle Store will have higher prices than the German one.

And it does give us one more piece of info that confirms the rumor I posted a couple weeks back. The CEO of Hachette Livre is rumored to have dropped a few hints in following a radio interview. I'm told that he said a new Kindle was coming to France on 8 October, but it's clear now that he was referring to the Kindle Store.

Should the new Kindle Store open 18 days from now,  it will be Amazon's 3rd local Kindle Store, following Germany and the UK.

Thanks, Merrill.

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11 Comments on First look at the Kindle Store

  1. Nate, I am french, and I can assure you that he was very clearly saying that A NEW KINDLE was coming to France. If he had wanted to say that THE KINDLE is coming to France, he would have, our language has enough words and verbs to do so. Plus he is an editor, so you can assume he can write AND speak french properly.
    Do not misinterpret what I am saying NOW: a new Kindle may or may not come, but the CEO of Hachette was clear in what he said, and how he said it.

    Obviously, whether THE KINDLE or A NEW KINDLE, if KINDLE, then KINDLE SHOP, right ? So where is the big surprise about the shop being in preparation for opening in France ?

    On this one, sincerely, you should stop making assumptions and just wait. October 8th is just around the corner after all.

    • My apologies for upsetting you.

      I was going to post a comment arguing that he had likely misspoken, but as I got to the end of it I realized you were probably right. It is unlikely that a CEO would make that kind of mistake. If he said “a new Kindle”, he meant exactly that.

      • You did not upset me at all Nate, don’t worry. It is just that this whole assumption does not work well if based only on translations. In French his words were pretty clear, so either he is right, or he should be fired.

  2. @Nate: Thanks for the mention

    @aceflor: did you hear Arnaud Noury say anything about a new Kindle or give the date Ocotber 8th ?
    The only thing we got was a tweet by a third party, in that case a journalist who had just finished interviewing Arnaud Noury on air.
    But after that original tweet identifying Arnaud Noury as the source, the journalist added that in fact the info was not coming from Hachette whatsoever.
    See the series of tweets here
    So overall, it is not crystal clear.

  3. It would be nice to see apps and periodical’s in Europe, still cant figure why you cant buy Kindle game if you live live in EU.

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