Delta Still “Poised to Enter Epaper Display Market”

Delta Still "Poised to Enter Epaper Display Market" e-Reading Hardware Delta Electronic, a Taiwan based manufacturing company, recently mentioned that they are about to receive the first mass-produced QR-LPD screens from Bridgestone.

My chief interest in Delta is that they are the manufacturing partner for the Bridgestone QR-LPD epaper screen. This screen tech, which has been on the verge of entering the market for the past year, is based on Bridgestone's own proprietary screen tech (Quick Response Liquid Paper Display).

The last we had heard of Delta was a couple months back. They had decided to junk their plans for the (crappy looking) 8" and 13" epaper tablets that I saw at CES 2011 because, well, they were crap. The display models at CES were slow to refresh and looked washed out.

Today's news is that Bridgestone are again about ready to start mass-production. This time around it's going to be a flexible screen and Delta have a number of sizes planned including 4" shelf tag, 8" & 13" ebook reader screens and a 21" digital signage.

I have been waiting for this screen tech to hit the market for literally over a year now. In fact, the only thing I've been waiting longer to see is Mirasol screen from Qualcomm. I have no idea when that will hit the market either.

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