Android on the TouchPad now A Step Closer to Reality

Android on the TouchPad now A Step Closer to Reality e-Reading Hardware I've just come across a video that the Cyanogen Mod team shot a few days ago. Their continued toil is slowly turning this under-developed 10" tablet into a premium Android tablet that it always could have been.

I've shown you in the past that a team of developers were working to port this open source Android firmware to the TouchPad. They had Wifi, the touchscreen, and the Android Market working on the TouchPad. Now I can show you a working installer and dual boot option.

It's by no means ready to be released, but simply having it is a step forward.

It looks really simple, and that's good. It means that I might even have the guts to try it. I usually have bad luck with hacking so I try to be cautious with new risks.

The boot option menu is also a welcome sign. TouchPad owners will have the option of switching back to webOS by simply rebooting the tablet. They can also switch to other OSes with a simply reboot. (I'm told that Ubuntu works rather well on the TouchPad.)

I'm still torn on whether I want to install CyanogenMod, so I'm thrilled to see this dual boot option. I've taken a deep look at reading on the TouchPad, and I have to say that the limited and marginal quality of webOS reading options really don't inspire any deep affection for webOS.

Yes, there's a chance that the webOS open source community will come up with a better PDF, Epub, and other reading apps, but I'm not sure it's worth the wait.  I expect Android to be up and running on the TouchPad long before webOS gets a decent reading app.

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