Amazon Charged me $30 to get the Adverts Off my K4

I’ve just come across a new tip today and I just knew that someone would appreciate it.

If you’re like me, then you may have bought a subsidized Kindle without realizing quite how annoying the ads are.  And if you’re like me, you’re seriously considering returning the K4 and buying a Kindle without the adverts.

It looks like Amazon noticed that a lot of people bought a K3 SO and hating the ads, and that is probably why they added a solution to the K4 before it launched. You can go into the Manage Your Kindle page and unsubscribe from the adverts.  This only works on the K4 (and probably the kTouch when it is released). It’s also going to cost you the difference between the retail and subsidized price. In this case it’s $30.

Getting rid of the ads is pretty simple. Go to the Manage Your Devices page. There’s a column on the list if devices, and it tracks which Kindles are subscribed to the special offers.  Click the edit button and then click the orange button.

I bought a subsidized K4, all right. What can I say  besides it was cheap? But what I had forgotten until after i turned it on was quite how annoying the ads are. I dislike ads so much that I’ve given up TV, cable, and TBH it’s the main reason I watch all my content online (where I can block the ads).

I forked over the $30 to get the ads off my K4, and it was money well spent, too.


  1. Mike Cane5 October, 2011

    I thought they were non-intrusive full-screen screensavers? Are they elsewhere in it too? And once gone, do you get back engravings of writer portraits as screensavers?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 October, 2011

      They’re screensavers, yes but the ads are also spread across the bottom inch of the home screen.

      1. Cibele10 December, 2011

        “And once gone, do you get back engravings of writer portraits as screensavers?” Good question. Could you please answer what happen to the screensavers once they’re gone? All we’ll get is a pure boring black screen instead? Which screensavers are available? Thx in advance. xoxo

        1. Nate Hoffelder10 December, 2011

          I’ve seen a number of different screen savers but I don’t think any were authors.

  2. Danny5 October, 2011

    How about the opposite for K3 owners that bought before Kindles w SO. I want the deals!

  3. Laura Hazard Owen5 October, 2011

    Does it go the other way–can you turn them back on and get $30 back? Or can you turn them on on a non-ad-supported Kindle 4 and get a refund?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 October, 2011

      I don’t see it as an option, but then again my unsubscribe is still pending.

      Edit: Nope. I cannot subscribe again.

  4. Alexander Inglis5 October, 2011

    They should consider giving you a $30 store credit if you activate the ads on your existing Kindle.

  5. fjtorres5 October, 2011

    A second (more likely?) use of this feature is for people who get a KSO as a gift and prefer to do without the offers.
    Does it say whether there is a time limit to desubscribe? Like 30 days from first activation?
    Or maybe its only available if you haven’t used an offer?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 October, 2011

      I didn’t see any limitations listed.

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  7. Syn5 October, 2011

    That’s kinda of nice. If your strapped for money and can only afford the ad enabled, you can later go back and remove them. I like that solution..

  8. JJ5 October, 2011

    Meh, It will be cracked soon enough

  9. John6 October, 2011

    I like the option. I did buy the Kindle 4 Ad supported as a gift for my father. I played with it for a few days setting it up with various books prior to giving it to him. I really wasn’t bothered by the ads, but I’m pretty used to tuning those out already on websites. I did notice the ads on the home page, but the only place that really jumped out at me was the screen saver when I picked up the device to turn it off. Personally, I would prefer to be able to put my own image there. I’m guessing more people just have the default for the full-priced Kindles.

  10. Gareth6 October, 2011

    I’ve been really tempted by the ad supported version, but they don’t do them in the UK. Are the adverts while you are actually reading?

    1. melissa6 October, 2011

      There are no ads while you are reading. Only the screen savers and a small banner at the bottom of the home screen. The special offers however have been the real bonus. We have probably paid for the Kindle with the savings from the offers. The offers seemed to have slowed down, so maybe that was just a start up idea.

    2. Nate Hoffelder6 October, 2011

      The ads aren’t shown while reading, no. (not yet at least)

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  17. luke3 November, 2012

    i have a kindle fourth edition too i think its been awhile since i got it adds have always pissed me off it just costed me 20 tho not 30 🙂

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