Kindle Fire Now Showing up on Ebay

Kindle Fire Now Showing up on Ebay e-Reading Hardware Can't wait to get your Kindle Fire to ship on the 15th and arrive on the 16th? You can pick one up now on Ebay. In fact if you choose a seller that offers expedited shipping you could get that Kindle Fire as early as 17 November. Just think how much time you'll save - a whole day!

Wait a second...

Yes, the Kindle Fire pre-orders are now showing up on Ebay. Right now you can order a Kindle Fire for about $220+shipping from any number of sellers, with ship dates ranging from the 18th to December.

I may like to make fun of this deal, but in fact not all the sellers are trying to trick you. There are a number of sellers on Ebay that are quite legit and while they do charge more than retail, they're also offering a service that Amazon won't.

They ship overseas.

One thing I will always appreciate are sellers who help get around pesky shipping restrictions. I have been hampered by shipping restrictions in the last, much like Amazon is doing here. These folks are the modern day equivalent of smugglers, and I salute them.



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  1. Nate!!!!!!!!
    Please when u get to review a kindle fire, make an article on global release.
    Basically here in Europe if we buy one imported, will we be able to subscribe to Amazon Prime?
    I’m interested in access to documentaries, the app store, magazines and textbooks.
    I bought the [email protected]#[email protected]#$g kindle and I can’t subscribe to N.E.J.M.

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