Weekly Roundup 13 November 2011

Weekly Roundup 13 November 2011 Link Post

Here are a few of the most popular posts over the past week.

PDFs on Android continues to hold its place, with the new Sony Reader hack, various ereader and tablet reviews, and news from the past week filling out the list.

  1. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  2. Sony Reader Wifi Hacked - Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video)
  3. I'd Take the Nook Tablet Over the Kindle Fire
  4. Update: Sylvania 7" Android tablet IS CRAP
  5. B&N and Amazon Are At It Again
  6. Stanza Lives!
  7. Jetbook Color confirmed for US release this fall - 9.7" E-ink screen, $350
  8. MyPadMedia & The Reading Site have upgraded from scams to piracy
  9. The $79 Kindle Costs $84
  10. I Don't Think B&N Unveiled Their $350 Tablet Today
  11. Sony Reader T1 Hack Now Available
  12. Review: Delstar Openbook E-reader
  13. NoteSlate writing tablet delayed - it doesn't actually exist
  14. Kobo Books Sold for $315 Million
  15. iBooks: how to add books without connecting to iTunes
  16. Google Screwed Up Google Reader Last Week - Here's How to Fix It
  17. Installing Preware on the HP TouchPad is Easier Than You Think
  18. Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked - Still Won't Run Angry Birds (video)
  19. Kobo Touch Now Comes With Ads - $99
  20. Sony Reader Wifi now $129 (From Sony)

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