New Contest: Fun With Wikipedia’s Pledge Drive

New Contest: Fun With Wikipedia's Pledge Drive humor If you've used Wikipedia over the past few days then you probably know that they're asking for donations again. I strongly urge you to donate some money to this worthy cause, but once you've done that it's time to have fun with the donation requests.

Up until this morning, all Wikipedia pages had a banner ad across the top with a plea from the founder as well as his photo. This created some hilarious opportunities to show Jimmy Wales' face next to any number of inappropriate topics. For example, The Oatmeal (who first turned me on to the idea) have Jimmy's mug over the entries for sex offender, anal wart, and douche.

If you have a low sense of humor then this is very funny, yes.

But today it gets better. Wikipedia swapped out Jimmy's plea with another one, this time by a rather scary looking programmer named Brandon Harris. I've been entertaining myself by reading the entries on cannibalism, blackmailserial killer, and redneck.

New Contest: Fun With Wikipedia's Pledge Drive humor At first I was just going to snicker about this, but then I realized that this would make a fun little contest. Can you think of any other articles where brandon belongs? Please leave your ideas in the comments. I'll pick the best several suggestions and the winners will get an E-ink ball. (US only, sorry)

Update: Wikipedia swapped out Brandon with another person's picture. Since the pledge drive is still going on I will extend the contest.

Update: Now that interest has died down, I'm ending the contest. The Winners are:

  • Alanna Coca
  • Eric
  • curiosity killed the...



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21 Comments on New Contest: Fun With Wikipedia’s Pledge Drive

  1. Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories

    The billboard is a nice touch

  2. These all work: Asshole, Douchebag, Moron, Jackass

  3. curiosity killed the... // 24 November, 2011 at 1:18 am // Reply
    Awkward silence cause hiding your hands will make it go away.
    Anger management because if you dont have anything nice to say stare darkly into their eyes and wonder where your going to hide the body…
    Scientology yes..the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy blew up your alien body and stole your cookie >.>

  4. Looks like the scary looking programmer has brought enough money to end the fund raising – or you scared them into taking the banners off.

  5. Well, not in the Dutch version of Wikipedia…

    I was looking at Child in Time… Fits perfectly with Jimmy’s puppy-dog eyes!

  6. curiosity killed the.. // 1 December, 2011 at 12:31 am // Reply

    so nate did you ever pick the winners for this?


    I’m having entirely too much fun with this…

  8. curiosity killed the... // 9 December, 2011 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    thanks cant wait to get the e-ink snowglobe do they move around in their or are they fixed on the top and bottom? i cant seem to find any other video with them but that 1 talking about the displays and he keeps it perfectly still in front of the camera and only moves it around behind his arm lol.

  9. Awesome. I’m an author of electronic books, so an e-ink snowglobe will go with me to all of my conferences. Very excited. Thanks!

  10. Oh of course. I was waiting for an email from you. I can’t see your email from here, and I don’t want to post my home address on the web.

    Do you mind emailing me?

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