Amazon Now Hiring Kindle Managers for Brazil

Amazon Now Hiring Kindle Managers for Brazil Amazon Now here's an unsurprising turn of events.

Some time back I told you that I guessed Amazon was planning to open a local Kindle Store in Brazil. I didn't have much to go on at the time; all I was working from was gut instinct and new language support in the then latest Kindle model (the K4).

But now I have proof. Amazon is looking to hire a vendor manager to work with Brazilian publishers.

The job will be located in Sao Paulo, and the specific job duties all involve recruiting Brazilian publishers and convincing them to distribute their ebooks in the Kindle Store.

This is a pretty big deal.  The last time I heard Amazon was looking for Kindle Vendor Managers was back in February. The position was based in Luxembourg and tasked with working with French publishers. The local Kindle Store launched in France in October of this year, so it seems likely that one led to the other.

But still, this comes as no surprise. I've heard from any number of people in Brazil who expect Amazon to open a local Kindle Store there. No one knows exactly when it will happen, but much of the publishing industry appears to believe that it will happen.

The Brazilian ebook market is estimated to have about 4 to 5 thousand local titles available, with most released in Epub. The ebooks are already priced below the prices of the related print editions. Amazon certainly has its work cut out for it.

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  1. Hello, my name is Stella. I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I work with an eBook producer, Simplíssimo Livros.

    The market of eBooks here in Brazil is so, so imature. The price of ebooks here is equal, if not greater, than the price of printed books, unfortunately. And we have only 5 thousands titles in eBook, much still needs to be done.

    Publishers are afraid and want to pay very little for the conversion.

    Congratulations for the blog. I have the RSS in my GReader.

  2. Let’s see now: an immature ebook market with only 5000 or so ebooks in epub?
    Sounds like an opportunity to me. 🙂

    Brazil has a population of 180 million, one government, one language, one culture. GDP north of 2 Trillion dollars in purchasing power.
    That is half the population of the expanded EU but in a single market, not 50. They have some work ahead of them but the rewards look to be worth it.

  3. For sure! Absolutely sure!

  4. I am interested in working with the people in Brazil
    concerning the expansion of the Kindle.
    Can anyone give me a contact info?
    thank you

    Eu tenho interesee em trabalando com as Amazon
    no Brasil. Alguem pode me dar um contacto?

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