Open Topic: “I Got This Thing For Christmas. Now What?”

Open Topic: "I Got This Thing For Christmas. Now What?" Open Topic I've been on this blog for a couple years now, and one thing I've noticed is that I get a sharp spike in readers the day after Christmas. These are probably people with new devices who don't know much about it and could probably use some help with it.

Christmas is still a few days away, but I thought it would be a good idea to have an open topic and let my readers ask questions. I might not know the answer, but I should be able to at least point you in the right direction.

So ask away. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Has the Kobo touch been fixed (page turn?)

    or should I purchase a Nook touch??

    • Earlier this week another Kobo Touch owner left a comment echoing my complaint. I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

    • Neither. You should get a Sony Reader.

      • I keep in vain hoping my Kobo will perform as well as other e readers but it never does. The turn pages are not as good. It only gives you page numbers within a chapter and not within the book, and it formats pages wrong and often gives you huge blanks where the next paragraph should be. I would get a Sony or Nook Touch.

        • I like my pandigital android multimedia tablet & color l e reader.
          It does everything. Email, reading, games,
          also if you want to listen to music

          I also like

          I have both bn and kobo installed on mine.
          I did have trouble downloading books but I called customer service and got help.

          It’s not too heavy and not too light . I find it comfortable to hold while I am reading.
          I got it from QVC and saved 30.00 on other store prices when I got it,so definetly shop around.

  2. Here is my holiday rumination. I download an azw file for an Amazon blog subscription to my PC. I guess it is without DRM since the Calibre viewer program has no problem opening it up for viewing.

    When I read this file on my Kindle there is a Table of Contents for it. However, when I read this file on my PC with Calibre, there isn’t any available.

    I wonder why Calibre can’t parse this file in some manner to present a table of contents in the same way it can with EPUBs and Mobi files.

    • You could read it in Kindle for PC… 😉
      I’ve always seen the Calibre “reading” tool as more of a testing tool than a reading environment. Different strokes, I guess.

  3. One more question. What is the story behind that photo in this post?

  4. Maybe you could put a sticky post or put a section to the right of this column, review of e readers that you have either done or that you have featured from other people? I know if it’s a sticky, it won’t be here forever so maybe to the right would be best.

  5. Hi, just found your blog by accident when researching the agency agreement because of this post
    How Hachette Uses an Agency Agreement to Sidestep Anti-Competitive Pricing Laws in Australia
    There have been lots of posts in the Kindle forum about recent price increases, just in time for Christmas on HarperDigital titles. A little research shows prices across stores on their titles are pretty much the same. Naked in Death by J D Robb was on my watch list and until this week it was $7.59 at Amazon. Now it is $12.21. At Angus & Robertson, Kobo and Google it is $11.99.
    New Kindle owners – where you see “This price has been set by the publisher” it could be that the price has been recently increased a lot.
    A question for those who have other ereaders, aside from obvious Christmas specials have ebook prices recently increased, decreased or are they about the same?

    • Prices that are set by the publisher are set the same everywhere. No discounting is allowed by those Six Publishers.
      Several governments are looking into the legality, or lack there-of, of this anti-competitive behavior.
      One solution is to buy books from authors and publishers who aren’t party to this scam. There is no shortage of high-quality content at competitive (and reasonable) prices out there.

  6. So Murdoch has done it to – that means I’ll look at them next I suppose! 🙂

  7. Jenny

    Hachette and Macmillan have both put prices up similarly. See teleread/mobileread for some samples – or the Kindle forums.

    There are various ways around.

  8. I use the Kindle app on my iPad. I have not found a way to highlight or underline? Is there a way to do so?
    Thanks for your providing a way for me to ask.

    • While you’re reading, press and hold the word you want to highlight. A little magnifying glass symbol will appear. Let go, and the owrd you selected will be highlighted. You’ll see options for typing a note, looking it up in the dictionary, and so on.

      After you see that pop up menu, you can also drag the cursors and select more words to be highlighted.

      BTW, did you hear about the latest update (here)? the notes you make on your own ebooks will be saved to the Kindle Cloud and you will be able to see those notes and highlights on your Kindles.

  9. I play with a few Android tablets/ereaders myself and have found the Android Tablet Forum very helpful and friendly, especially to newbees

  10. Thanks for this topic, Nate!

    I have a somewhat random question about the Sony Reader — specifically the PRS-T1, but the answer might be the same for other models. Is it possible to highlight and/or take notes in ebooks borrowed from the public library? I’ve searched both Sony forums and MobileRead discussions, and haven’t found the answer.

    I bought myself a PRS-T1 a couple of weeks ago, “for Christmas,” and my husband made me put it away until the holiday. A couple of nights ago, I actually HAD A DREAM that I’d opened it and was using it! I’M SO PSYCHED for tomorrow!!! 😀

  11. Where do you get your free ebooks?

  12. I am trying to figure out the problem I am having charging the battery on my new Slick ER701 Ereader. I tried a couple of times with the USB cable connected to my laptop. But after 45min the red light started flashing and even after 9-10 hours it never charged.

    So, I got out a few of my AC adapters and tried them. Same thing. No battery charge. However, with the AC adapter the unit did turn on by its self each time I plugged it in. Is anyone else having this issue? I am waiting for Southern Telecom to get back to me. But not sure how well they support this product.

    • It sounds like you have defective wiring somewhere inside the Slick. That’s the only cause I can think of.

    • I have a different model oif ereader,but my instructions include this:
      You CANNOT charge the battery just by being plugged into your desltop.

    • Have the ER-701 also. Contacted [email protected] about it and they said the USB cable that came with the unit was bad. Sent a new cable and it was just a regular USB cable without the filter on it. If you have a USB cable with the right connectors try it. The cable sent to me worked. But I am only getting about 2 1/2 to 3 hours use out of the 701.

  13. I have a wonderful question is there a way to convert epub to work on kindle touch, I have some un DMR books I got a few years back before and can;t get them to work on the touch for my mom, my older kindle 3 works but her convert them and it don’t show anything on the page but chapters so hope someone can help

    • Epub to Kindle?
      Two ways:
      1- Get amazon’s kindlegen app.
      2- Better: Do a web search on: Calibre ebook.
      It is an excellent ebook management and conversion app.

      • tried Calibre ebook reader app, to sync them didn’t work, I might trying to redoing the setting as kindle fire, with the setting of normal kindle or trying the amazon kindle app it self to see if it works sync them to the kindle

  14. You could use Calibre to convert them to mobipocket format that the Kindles support.

  15. i just got a pandigital 9″ ereader. how do i update the sotware?

  16. I received a Pandigital 9″ Novel Tablet for Christmas and can’t figure out how to get Kindle downloaded. You said you downloaded Kindle on yours. Can you tell me how? Thanks!

  17. My e-reader locked up last night. I can’t get it to reboot. It is stuck in the “on” position on page 78 of the book I was reading. Any suggestions? I actually liked it for the price, but it has its shortcomings. It is not touch screen. You can read the control buttons at night. It is difficult to navigate. It has a very limited charge life. It does come with a re-charger; that is extra.

    • Which e-reader, exactly?

      Does it have a reset switch on the back? You might need to check the manual to find out. If not then try holding down the power button. That should force it to shut down.

  18. I just got a Slick e-reader model number ER-701 for my daughter for Christmas. We got it to cut on once and thats it. Nothing since. How can i reset the device or does anyone have any suggestions?

  19. Hi Nate,

    Since you have a rooted PRS-T1, do you know if it’s possible to play music from a Windows Shared folder while reading a book? Or maybe some other form of streaming the music I have on a hard drive to the reader?

  20. hello!
    do you know how I could use the 3G function of my kindle touch 3G to get my mails? the previous kindle could do it, but now it is not possible… it asks for wifi

  21. I received a Slick ER-701 for Christmas from my daughter. I can’t get it to do much of anything. First, I can’t get it to charge much with USB. (It didn’t come with an AC charger. Keeps telling me from time to time that the battery is low. It won’t sync with the KoBo app I setup up on my laptop. I can’t get it to load any photos or music. Tech Support won’t answer the phone. Been trying for two days now. My daughter tells me she paid $70 for it at Dollar General and I’m seeing that they were selling it for $45!!! Looks like others are having some of the same problems. Any suggestions short of taking it back to Dollar General and seeing if they will give me another one?

  22. Thanks for doing this site, first of all. I bought a Nook yesterday and returned it today, due to it’s slowness and actually not even working correctly. Then I was offered a pandigital reader for $50 from a friend. Not sure which one it is yet. Been reading thru hacks and roots and all that but I have a Mac, not a PC. Is a PC necessary to do all of this? If so, I may be able to use a PC at school but NOT if it would leave files on there that may mess it up. Please let me know if any of these clever things to be done to these readers are able to be done with a Mac! thanks a lot

  23. oh forgot to mention that I do not have the Pandigital reader yet, nor do I know which one it is. Will take a look at it this weekend to see if I want to buy it. I take it the white version is the best one..?

  24. which tablet is best do you think, for a low price? I was just going to get this particular one from a friend because it was $50….

  25. In 2010 I bought a Augen Genbook 10″ for x-mas. First, the screen flickered, i returned it to K-mart, where they would not refund my money, because it was not in the original box…who saves the box?? So they let me get another one, it worked briefly, the screen froze, i had to take it to a computer place to get fixed, prior to the screen freezing it had been online approximately 3 times. The repair shop said after fixing it so it would come off of the black screen, that the wifi does not work but we can use it with a USB cord to go online…hmmmmm, seems to me like i should not have to use a usb cord to go online with this computer. I want to send it back and get my money returned, what good is a laptop that I nor anyone else can use?? I have even tried to call the support phone numbers in the users guide that was provided with the computer…guess what??? IT IS A NO LONGER IN SERVICE NUMBER…THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACAT THESE PEOPLE..I am seriously considering turning them into the better business bureau…I work hard for my money and I would love to be able to use what I have purchased. I hope that I can get some answers here or at least a phone number as to whom I can call to get some help with this product.

  26. I got the Slick e-Reader ER701 for christmas. Not had a problem till today. For some reason it’s stuck on the user manual and keeps turning itself on and off. I finally got it to turn off by holding the power button for 15 seconds. Anyone know what the problem may be ? I really like this ereader and hate to have to return it. Just wandered if there is a fix ?

    • Have you tried fully recharging it? I had a similar problem a while back (got stuck on the user manual and took a while to power off,) but it seemed to fix itself mysteriously after I left it charging overnight.

      PS: I should say I eventually replaced mine with a SVP EB701, which I love.

  27. can anyone pls show me how to restore updated black pd novel to factory settings

  28. i mean to the former version

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