7″ Asus eeePad to Show Up at CES 2012?

7" Asus eeePad to Show Up at CES 2012? Conferences & Trade shows Rumors That's the rumor, anyway.

Notebook Italia has turned up an interesting product shot. According to their sources, this could be a 7" Asus eeePad or it could be the new Asus eeeMemo.

They haven't said where they got it, but this blog has been following the 7" eeePad rumors for a couple months now.  It seems likely that they caught the eye of an Asus insider.

If this is real, then this tablet would likely have specs similar to the rumored specs of the eeePad Memo, which is supposed to ship with a 1.2GHz SnapDragon CPU, 16GB of Flash storage, Wifi/3G, and an IPS screen (1280x800 resolution).

7" Asus eeePad to Show Up at CES 2012? Conferences & Trade shows Rumors

The eeePad Memo was first mentioned by Asus  in January 2011, but so far as I can tell it was never released. The demo units also looked a lot different from the tablet above, and that suggests that this is something different.

But let's be clear, Notebook Italia doesn't even know the screen dimensions of this image, much less the model name, price, specs, or release date. They don't even claim that this is a 7" screen. So at this point all we have is a teaser image that hints at a possible new product.

While I am hoping for a 7" eeePad Transformer, I'm deeply curious about how Asus would manage the keyboard dock. This model looks to be based on a portrait orientation, not landscape, and that leaves the short side of the screen for the dock. That's not enough room for a real keyboard. Maybe the dock will have a second screen? Now that would be cool.

Asus was already on my list for CES  2012, and now they have a star, exclamation points, and several drooling zombies after the name. But I'm also only going to be at the show for 3 days, so I might miss it.

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5 Comments on 7″ Asus eeePad to Show Up at CES 2012?

  1. Is that a standard USB port at bottom? Measure, multiply, and you have bottom width. Looks like ten USB ports wide at the bottom to me.

  2. Much later… realized that’s a 4:3 screen. Holy iPad Mini, Batman!! It will be interesting to see this vs. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

    If you miss this at CES, just don’t bother coming home at all.

    • Don’t think it’s a 4:3 ratio, the bottom of the screen includes where the menu buttons are and the device is slanted noticeably back to further distort the size of perception.

      Asus may be using their docking port for the bottom there, which would let it use many of the same accessories like what they’re coming out with for the Transformer Prime (not counting the keyboard dock of course).

      The MeMo Pad from Asus was indefinitely put off months ago but they could have just redesigned it for this tablet. No sign of a pen though. So may have nixed that part of the MeMo Pad’s design but hopefully Asus will reveal more during CES.

      Mind though Asus is known for last minute changes…

      • They should drop the pen idea altogether. Look at how successful the HTC Flyer was with its pen.

        It still looks 4:3 to me, but we have until next week to find out the truth.

  3. So, here’s the new MeMO:

    Doesn’t look like that leak at all. No silver trim.

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