Polaroid to Launch Phone, eReader at CES

Polaroid to Launch Phone, eReader at CES Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware

CES is still a few days away, but Engadget has already uncovered a new product launch.

No one has leaked anything yet, but Engadget did come across some signage that was put up a few days early. It shows an ebook reader with a color screen and what I think is an Android  smartphone.

Engadget  is calling the second item a tablet, but the dimensions are off. Look at the third photo. The camera aperture is too big for it to have a screen larger than 5", and the buttons on the side are also sized about right for a phone.

Now, this new Polaroid device might be like the Samsung Galaxy Player, which is a smartphone minus the phone. But like the Player, the Polaroid  is only going to have a 4" or 5" screen.

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  1. Interesting, especially since Polaroid’s stuff is usually bargain-priced. That smaller device — mini-tablet? — will depend on how good or bad the camera is, tho. No use getting it no matter the price if the camera is as terrible as on the iPod Touch. I expect the “eReader” to be another crap 800×600 LCD screen. I doubt Pixel Qi will show up in that — or Mirasol. And given the Kobo software is on the small device, it’s likely on the larger one too, making it the latest iteration of the — gasp! — Literati.

    • “I expect the “eReader” to be another crap 800×600 LCD screen”

      On a 4″ or 5″ device that resolution would be better than “crap” I would say. The 4″ Samsung Galaxy S wifi has resolution of 800×480 and is quite good.

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