Polaroid PTab7200C Coming in March – $149 and Android 4.0 ICS

Polaroid PTab7200C Coming in March - $149 and Android 4.0 ICS Conferences & Trade shows e-Reading Hardware Now this is interesting. I know there's all this talk about decent quality tablets getting the latest version of Android, but one thing I kept hearing today was that the budget tablets are also getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is one of the tablets launched under the Polaroid- Southern Telecom partnership, and the reason it caught my eye was that an upgrade is in the works. This tablet isn't due out until March, but they're already working on porting Android 4.0.

The PTab7200C  isn't much of a tablet, but if it gets ICS then it will pack some serious power for the size. It's based on a 7" (800x480) capacitive touchscreen and it currently runs Android v2.3 Gingerbread on a RK2918 1GHz CPU. It has Wifi, 4GB Flash Storage, a microSD card slot, and it ships with the Kobo app.  But it lacks Bluetooth or cameras, so it is definitely a budget tablet.

Still, it's going to have the latest version of Android for under $150. Given that budget tablets stopped at Gingerbread this year while the premium tablets moved on to Honeycomb, I have to say that this jumping an OS version was a surprise.

I'm sure this won't be the only tablet with ICS in the coming months, but it is still a surprise to see the second and third tier tablet makers catching up with the big boys. And ST isn't the only one, either; I've been told that Skytext has an ICS firmware in the works for their Alpha 2 tablet. It's in beta, and I plan to post about it next week.

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  1. ICS is no big deal. Even Atrocity — um, Velocity — Micro will have it in their Cruz craptabs. Probably Coby too.

    The only significant thing about ICS is that most new tablets will get it and that can help expand the market for app makers.

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