Kindle Touch Updated – adds Skynet, Color Screen, and More

Kindle Touch Updated -  adds Skynet, Color Screen, and More Amazon Amazon has just posted an update for the K5/Kindle Touch. There's not much to the update (it's only 5MB), but I think you should go get it. Much to my surprise, this update replaced the screen on my Kindle. I now have a color E-ink screen, and I'm not sure how Amazon pulled that off.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news. Amazon appears to have been taken over by Skynet, and the rogue computer has downloaded part of itself into my Kindle Touch.

I got kinda tired of hearing Die Human, Die! all the time so Ive turned the sound off. But that didn't help much; Skynet has replaced all the ads on my K5 with directions to abortion clinics, assisted suicide centers, and recipes for home-made poisons. I'm thinking about downgrading the firmware, but I'm not sure I will.  If you saw the color E-ink screen you'd understand.


Seriously, though, there is an update for the Kindle Touch. It's not available direct from the device, so if you want it you will need to download it to your computer and transfer it over USB.

You can find the update file here. After you transfer it to your K5, you'll be able to initiate the update from the settings menu (Menu, Settings, Menu, Update Your Kindle).

I've already installed it, and I cannot see any major changes. I also checked to see if the Manage My  Kindle page on Amazon gave nay hints bout new abilities, but that was a bust.

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5 Comments on Kindle Touch Updated – adds Skynet, Color Screen, and More

  1. It also activates the camera in your Kindle Touch so that Amazon can now monitor all of your activities.

  2. Darn it Nate you got my hopes up on a color screen lol; though thanks for the tip of the update I would never known since mine is a kindle 3rd Gen and mom has the kindle touch and has no idea how to update it 🙂

  3. There is no colored screen… I got the update but there is no colored screen…

  4. Thanks for this great update !
    Now I have a color E-Ink reader !! I even watch MPEG 6 movies in 4K resolution !!

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