Free to a Good Home: 3 Dozen Thumb Drives (All Gone)

Free to a Good Home: 3 Dozen Thumb Drives (All Gone) Freebies

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The theme of this year's CES was "Going Green". It's an excellent idea, and I would like to make a small contribution.

A lot of companies ignored the theme this year and they gave out their press kits on thumb drives. Rather than let them pile up (like I have done before), I'm giving them away.

I have far more than I need, so I am hoping to find some nonprofit group or institution that could use them. I have a pile of about 36 thumb drives in all sizes and shapes (mostly 1GB, but I'm not sure). If you want all of them or just  some, leave a comment.

Update: All were shipped on Saturday.

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  1. Yikes, I spotted a 256MB stick. Pity the poor sole that gets that one…. 😉

    Usually these “give-away” thumb drives are used as CDROM’s where the promotional materials are “locked” onto the drive and leave little if any room for read/write access.

    May want to check a few to see if they can be wiped and re-used…

    • I don’t know about most of these, but in the past I’ve always just grabbed whichever one was on top of the pile and used it. I’ve never had one that was locked down like you describe.

      • Nate!
        I’m the “Newark high school teacher” mentioned in my sister Robin’s earlier post. (Check out the website for Newark Vocational High School).
        Let me try to amuse and possibly entertain you with my potentially heart-warming story:
        I’m the Graphic Art & Design teacher here, at NVHS, one of the last high schools in Newark that offers any vocational arts. Other Career & Technical Ed programs are Culinary Arts, A++ Computer Repair, and Office Systems/Computer Apps. We expect to re-open our Construction program soon.
        We always need flash drives (printer ink and Mac tech support are scarce too, but we’ll save that for later).
        My kids will really make good use of these drives, no matter the size, OR shape. In fact, we LOVE the weird.
        Please tell me what it would take (WHAT am I saying??) to supply them with an incredibly useful piece of technology, that can also be a smart accessory. Check out my lanyard–lots o’ pretty flash drives around my neck)
        I’m trying to convince the girls that only smart, successful, potentially rich young men wear flash drives around their necks. It’s called “nerd-chic”, ladies.
        Okay, Nate, I can almost hear my sister saying: “That’s WAAYY too much information, as usual”.
        As usual, it is! (BTW, check out my totally legit Newark Public Schools e-mail address)
        You would be doing a huge mitzvah, and a heck of a nice thing, and surely a charitable tax deduction by donating these flash drives. Hopefully, I’ve entertained and amused you enough to consider it. But, I refuse to beg. Too much.

  2. Dustin "YoungDroid" Guest // 18 January, 2012 at 5:40 pm //

    Wow its good that they have been going green. Would love a flash drive though I use my sylvania netbook which I just got android for and let me just say WOW it is such a inprovement it now uses dolphin browser and I can get all sorts of apps for it (through getjar) even though I like slideme Sam market better It says that none of the apps I get from there work. Nether the less I have a sd card for it but I have heard there is a way to get apps to install to a flash drive . I have upgraded there computers too so they can have fun but they want more apps and I hate people using my sd card because they are under 13 so…ya. But yep I would love a flash drive and sorry for the long post I always read your posts/reviews but never get the courage to comment ^^

  3. My sis teaches graphic design at a high school in Newark; kids required to have a thumb drive for her class. No surprise: many don’t have/can’t afford/lose them. She’s been buying them for the kids herself, and would welcome a bunch of freebies…

  4. I could definitely use a 1 Gig flash drive. The largest of my two is 512K. (yes they are very old)

  5. I had a really nice drive on a keychain. And then last week, the weight of the keys pulled the socket from the drive. Those M-Edge and Amazon Kindle drives look suh-weet. As do those blue and green keys. If there’s one to spare after sending a bunch to Robin’s sister, I’d use it.

  6. My GF would love to have the red VW Bug one!

  7. I’ll take whatever you have, but I really like the key shaped drives (or the poker chip ones). I use them for re-purposing, but mostly for quick exchanges between friends and family when I don’t want to risk losing or corrupting my own drive. Let me know what you need to ship them.

  8. I will use whatever. I like smaller sized drives to bring to school, just Incas something happens to it.

  9. Hi Nate,
    I work at the downtown library in Tampa where we help many people looking for work. We hold classes on job searching and resume writing. Our attendees could sure use the flash drives of any size to store their resume on. We see so many every day coming in to update and print out more resumes. They literally re-type everything. As it is we are not allowed to give out library supplies. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  10. 🙂 I ll take one or two if the teacher doesnt get them all 🙂

  11. Is there any left? A few friends of mine need flash drives.

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