Jetbook Color Shipping Date Delayed Again

Well, it looks like Ectaco wasn’t able to make the promised ship date for their new 9.7″ ereader – not by  long shot. My order, which was supposed to ship last Sunday, is still trapped in limbo.

The Jetbook Color is the first ereader to use new color Triton E-ink screen. This screen first showed up at CES 2010, and ever since then I have been dying to get my hands on one.

Now, the Jetbook Color debuted in May at BEA 2011, but it is actually based on the demo model that Hanvon showed off at CES 2011. Ectaco originally planned to ship it last fall. That ship date slipped to December, and then it slipped again to January. It was supposed to ship last week. It hasn’t.

Yes, I am  little perturbed at this point. I have asked Ectaco and I cannot get  simple answer on when they will ship my ereader. And I know that they already have my money; I was charged over a week ago.

I’ve really been looking forward to this device. Ectaco has been teasing me with promises of wonderful features, but to be honest I’ve been wanting to spend some quality time with the screen. To heck with the software; I want to see what the screen is really like. I was also planning to reshoot all the side by side shots that I took at CES. They’re okay, but I can do better.


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  1. Steven Rosenberg23 January, 2012

    I got mine last Friday and IT IS INCREDIBLE!!! I loaded all my documents for work already plus a few books I had. I received an e-mail from them that shipment was based on order date, so if you ordered it first you’ll get it first and so on. There definitely needs to be more exposure on this device – it truly is for everyone that ever wanted an on-the-go color device that can read their own files.

    1. netboy24 January, 2012

      When did you pre-order yours Steven? I ordered mine on Jan 5th and still have no word on when it will ship.

      1. Steven Rosenberg24 January, 2012

        My pre-order date was 12/10. I think I might have been one of the first that’s why it was received earlier than others. I know 2 of my buddies ordered them on 1/3 and they haven’t received theirs yet. Did you get an e-mail from Ectaco? I received one but it was on the same day that my order arrived.

  2. Riccardo24 January, 2012

    My order is set as “completed” since 01/18. Now i’ve sent an email, awaiting for an answer…

  3. piratomon24 January, 2012

    Hi Steven how is the contrast?The colours?

    1. Steven Rosenberg24 January, 2012

      A lot better than I expected. I used it at work today and the graphs I loaded look phenomenal. I went out for lunch, and even though today’s weather was gloomy the colors seemed much more vibrant when i was outside than inside – pretty sure this has to do with the ambient light effect. Still looks great, they have some programs loaded as well that i haven’t tried out yet, but loading documents to it is easy. If anyone wants me to test something out or let them know anything else, just ask!

      1. Daniel Rajdl29 January, 2012

        Dear Steven,
        don´t you know, whether the reader supports (Adobe) Flash? E. g. narrated presentations created with Adobe Presenter (or Captivate …).
        Thanx a lot,

      2. Mel1 February, 2012


        Could you confirm that the resolution for black & white documents is indeed 1600 x 1200? I’m asking because it seems that the color filter is coalescing 4 (sub)pixels in one pixel when color has to be applied with a net resolution of 800 x 600.

        Besides, what about shades of gray and the screen contrast versus the Pearl screen (Kindle 3, Nook touch etc)?

        Thanks for your help

        1. Nate Hoffelder1 February, 2012

          Yes, that’s the B\W resolution.

  4. fredbloggs24 January, 2012

    Steven I’m curious about the flashing that some e-ink devices have (ie the older version of the Nook which I currently have) when changing pages. How does this one do on that front ? fredbloggs

    1. Steven Rosenberg26 January, 2012

      The flash is pretty quick, and the more you use it the more you get used to it. I haven’t found a big difference between the jetbook color’s flash and any other eInk devices….compared to the older ones i believe it’s much faster and in tune with today’s normal eInk speeds.

      1. Chris Cloudkicker27 January, 2012

        Hi Steven, Did your friends who ordered on Jan 3rd already get an E-Mail-information about shipping-status? I ordered on Jan 6th and today i still dont hold the reader in my hands; hope i will soon 🙂

        1. netboy27 January, 2012

          I ordered mine on jan 5th and still have not got mine. This waiting sucks.

          1. Steven Rosenberg27 January, 2012

            Hey guys, yes my friends received an e-mail saying they were sending orders based on purchase dates – the earlier you ordered, the faster you get it – as of today I’ve had it for 4 days and if both you guys have as many PDFs as I do this is surely worth the wait! Let me know what you guys think when you do get them though.

  5. Amer Sohail28 January, 2012


    Can you upload some video on youtube regarding its experience for complex technical PDF. Moreover, what about its software for pdf? Is it able to crop, annotate, split, and zoom PDF? Does it have any cloud storage?

    1. Steven Rosenberg2 February, 2012

      Hey, sorry about the delay. I actually found that someone reviewed it already on Mobileread here:

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