CES Swag Giveaway: USB Backup Battery

Have you ever had the battery on your gadget  run down while you’re far way from  charger? That’s what this is for.

Radio Shack was giving these out like candy. This model comes with  number of tips including the usual USB as well as Apple’s 30 pin connector. It was charged but not used. I had my own battery pack with me.

I’m having trouble finding  product listing, but it is similar to this one:



  • This raffle runs until tomorrow night.
  • You can enter by leaving  comment. (Email subscribers will need to come visit the site.)
  • I will randomly pick the winner tomorrow and pay for shipping.
  • US only, sorry.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Anthony24 January, 2012

    I have always wanted to an emergency backup charger.

  2. HTCFlyerReader24 January, 2012

    Thanks for the chance to own this. Enjoy the site.

  3. LCNR24 January, 2012

    (Yes, this one too.)

    Happy birthday The Digital Reader, and thanks a lot!


  4. Emily24 January, 2012

    Comment left. (FYI, you’re my go-to website for things ebook/reader related.)

  5. Sherri24 January, 2012

    This looks cool.

  6. Mizzbee24 January, 2012

    I read your site 3 to 4 times a day. Good tips and info are always forthcoming. Thank You.

  7. Nathaniel24 January, 2012

    Sounds like a handy device.

  8. Judith24 January, 2012

    Thanks for the raffle opportunity! I enjoy reading your posts, and appreciate the perspective they offer on this industry. Happy Birthday TDR!

  9. just_jeepin24 January, 2012

    I’ve been wanting one of these.

  10. Lloyd24 January, 2012

    Charge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Said Crazy Horse 😀 I bet Custer wishes he had one of these!!

  11. finrind24 January, 2012

    And this one too, please.

  12. bluskreem25 January, 2012

    This looks hip.

  13. Kyra Vicory25 January, 2012

    This sounds awesome, my evo dies all the time with no back up, I’m usually in trouble. I LOVE this BLOG! I read it everyday! Thanks Nate!

  14. Tyler25 January, 2012

    Borders had a similar device which retailed for $40 but I picked a few up for $15. It didn’t have all the connectors though.

  15. Ian25 January, 2012

    I’m in!

  16. Andrew25 January, 2012

    I could use this when traveling!

  17. Fritz Goebel25 January, 2012

    I could use this; my Nook Color with n2a android card drains the battery very quickly no matter which I boot into.

  18. Rob25 January, 2012

    This is my comment. There are many just like it, but this one is mine.

  19. Steve25 January, 2012

    That’s exactly what I need.

  20. Dan25 January, 2012

    Might be a good backup. Thanks!

  21. orlyspub25 January, 2012

    Pick me! Pick me! ;^) ( Thanks )

  22. Karl25 January, 2012

    Ooh, gimme! Gimme gimme gimme!

  23. Bibliotecher25 January, 2012

    Hope it’s not too late to enter??

  24. Maurice C.25 January, 2012

    I would live this.so I don’t have to worry about my cell charge to call my wife on the way home from ALAMW Annual and CIL. thanks for going to CES and bringing good stuff back.

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