€200 Spark Tablet Coming Soon – Runs Linux

In a world that is iPad, Android, or nothing, one group of developers have gone for the third option. Meet the Spark tablet.

€200 Spark Tablet Coming Soon - Runs Linux  e-Reading Hardware

This 7" tablet is the brain child the Plasma Active team, and it's going to be the first commercial tablet ship with Plasma Active interface running on top of an an open source Linux-based OS.

It's going to be running on basic hardware. In addition to the 7" capacitive touchscreen, the Spark tablet has a 1GHz AMLogic CPU, 400MHz Mali GPU, 4GB Flash storage, SD card slot, and Wifi.

The specs are rather light compared to most mainstream tablets in the same price range, but that's no surprise. At best this is a niche tablet, and you just have to accept that they come with  premium attached. And what  niche it will be. This tablet is particularly going to appeal to open source enthusiasts.

Unlike Android, the Spark tablet tablet is going to ship on  truly open source platform.  The goal is to have every scrap of software released s open source (probably already true), and that is something you can never say about Android.

In addition to the tablet, Plasma Active is also planning a content store where developers will sell and give away apps for the platform. Users will also be able to download free ebooks from Project Gutenberg.

ASeigo via Liliputing

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