Check Out The eReader Petting Zoo at O’Reilly TOC Conference

Check Out The eReader Petting Zoo at O'Reilly TOC Conference Conferences & Trade shows O'Reilly's annual digital publishing conference is coming up in  few weeks, and I have a special treat for you. For the past couple months I have been working with Joe Wikert of O'Reilly to put together an eReader Petting Zoo.

I think we have an impressive collection of ereaders and tablets.

How impressive? Well, I reached out to manufacturers I know and we have  promises from Ectaco to send their new Jetbook Color and several tablet manufacturers have promised to send their current product. Sony also contributed an eReader, and B&N will be sending  couple Nooks. Joe has reached out to Kobo, and they'll be sending a KT and Kobo Vox. We even have  promise from Qualcomm to send a Mirasol device.

There will also be an extensive list of borrowed devices on display, including Kindles, iPads, a couple iriver Stories, Onyx Boox, and a Samsung E65. We're also planning to have an endangered species table with an HP TouchPad, the original Kindle, and a few rare items from my collection. I will be contributing my oldest ebook reader, a Sony Data Discman (it works). I'm also pulling out my original Rocket eBook, Softbook Reader, REB-1100, GEB-2150, and an Ebookwise-1150.

This was my first attempt to help organize an event and I think it's progressing rather nicely. I'm thrilled with the critter list; even if you leave out my contributions it is still going to be more devices in one place than you will see anywhere short of CES. What's more, we're going to have the new color E-ink screen next to Qualcomm's Mirasol screen, and that's something that you won't find even at CES.

Registration for the TOC Conference is still open, and press passes are still available (email me or leave  comment).

Is anyone looking forward to the Zoo s much as I am?

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  1. Where is this Nate? I wish I had known. As you know I have an extensive collection as well and would love to have brought some of my rare readers.

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