RIM Drops the Price of the PlayBook to $199

RIM Drops the Price of the PlayBook to $199 Uncategorized The most discounted tablet of 2011 is on sale again, and this time you can get it as the prize in a crackerjack box.

RIM is following up last month's sale of $299 ( for any and all models) with  new price for the base 16GB model. You can now get it for only $199, and the deal runs until 11 February. Of course, if you really wanted one then you probably got one when it went on sale for that exact price last year. For a tablet that hasn't been canceled it sure does go on sale  lot, doesn't it?

Snide comments side, this is a pretty good price for the hardware. The Playbook has often been compared to the Kindle Fire, and it's true that they look quite similar. But the Playbook has more storage, cameras, a card slot, Bluetooth, and it even has buttons. That's an irrelevant luxury, as far as the KF is concerned.

RIM via Liliputing

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  1. The deal is even sweeter this time around since OS 2.0 is coming this month, which includes BlackBerry Runtime for Android. While this doesn’t mean that Playbook owners will have automatic access to all Android apps, it does mean that many more apps will be available soon.

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