Amazon to Launch 6″ Color Kindle This Year? Update: No

The rumor-mongers at Digitimes have come up with another juicy story today. They’re reporting on a story in a local Chinese business newspaper. According to Economic Daily News, E-ink has landed its first order for 6″ Triton E-ink screens.

Amazon is due to accept the first shipments in March, with total number of units expected to hit 3 million this year. There’s no hint on the ship date, but Amazon could easily have the Kindle Color on store shelves this year.

I usually have to suppress my gag reflex while writing about Digitimes rumors, but this time around I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re probably correct.

I’ve checked with my source at E-ink and he has not yet denied this story. This particular source is the one that told me that told me that confirmed that Sony has interesting plans for E-ink screens. He would know about this new Amazon contract, and the fact that he hasn’t denied it speaks volumes.

Update: My source just now checked his email (it’s a holiday) and called me. This is absolutely not true. It is a complete and utter fiction. In fact, I have been told that Amazon couldn’t be shipping a color E-ink Kindle for at least the next year.  That’s how long it would take to set up  production line, which hasn’t happened yet.

E-ink has reportedly been ready to make the Triton screens for some years now, but it wasn’t until last summer that the screen finally hit the market in China. This was the 9.7″ Triton screen, not 6″. The same device has recently started shipping in the US and Russia as the Ectaco Jetbook Color.

I have a Jetbook Color, and I really hope that the Kindle Color doesn’t have a screen that is as gray as on this ereader. This isn’t a light gray like you might expect on one of E-ink’s screens; it’s more like a medium to dark gray. It’s actually darker than the screen on the original Kindle.

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  1. Mike Cane20 February, 2012

    Is it the same gen technology?

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 February, 2012


  2. fjtorres20 February, 2012

    March delivery means a May-june delivery at the earliest.
    Could be July if they’re looking to price them low and need to stockpile a lot of them.
    I don’t see how they can price them too high, though.
    $299 for a 3G version looks to be the top the market will bear, no?
    $199 WiFi-only might be most likely.

    Main problem I see is the 6in screen size.
    The best use for color displays–magazines and kids books–really needs 8in-plus screens.
    Plus, Triton screens aren’t all that saturated, are they?

    With all that, if the price is low enough they’ll move.
    Just the words “Color Kindle” are good for about 10 million sales a year. 🙂

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  7. charlie dulin21 February, 2012

    this is probably the problem of “news” organizations conflating reports about EINK HOLDINGS with only being about epd eink displays. it probably means that EINK HOLDINGS has taken orders from Amazon for FFS LCD displays from the Hydis division

    1. Alex Sher22 February, 2012

      yes, I see E ink sell Hydis LCD screens for Kindle Fire:

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  12. mohammed zaidan13 March, 2013

    I hope that it will support arabic language, like pocketbook e-reader


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