gPlusRSS Turns Your Google+ Stream into a Blog Feed

gPlusRSS Turns Your Google+ Stream into a Blog Feed Uncategorized Have you noticed what's been happening with Google+ lately? I have; the 8 month old social network isn't growing into a network so much as it's becoming a blogging platform.

Not all that many people are using gPlus, but I do know a few that have been posting longer and longer updates. Here's one, for example. They're effectively turning their public stream into their blog, and I'm glad to finally have a way to follow them.

A small tech startup has just released a new service, and it's one that the 8 month old social network has needed ever since it launched. Sign up and they'll build you an RSS feed for your public updates.

This isn't so important to gPlus users, but the many who don't use the platform are probably going to love it.RSS feeds are much more web friendly than gPlus' streams.

Once you build the RSS feed, I'll be able to add it to gReader. Other folks will be able to add it to apps like Pulse. The author can also feed it into services like and then automatically do tweets and FB updates.




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  1. pretty cool, very nice idea.

    i’ve been following Felicia Day because i found something funny she said one day and then noticed that she had made it into a blog like you mention. and now she hosts a hangout for her book club friends which is pretty funny as well as a new spin on book club.

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