E-ink Screens (New & Newer) – Side By Side

Have you ever wondered what the new higher resolution (1024×768) 6″ E-ink screen looked like when compared to the regular (800×600) 6″ screen? The folks at Next Papyrus have answered the question.

They posted a video to Youtube a few days ago which shows idetical images first on one screen and the other. It looks to me like they’re using the PageOne HD that I posted about last week. Like the iriver Story HD, it has the higher resolution screen.

The differences are noticeable, aren’t they? It almost makes me wonder why no one is using this screen in the US or European markets (besides iriver).  It would have been a great selling point for whoever got it first.

BTW, this video is available in 1080 resolution, so if you’re really interested in seeing the differences,

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. CJJ8 March, 2012

    “The differences are noticeable, aren’t they? It almost makes me wonder why no one is using this screen in the US or European markets (besides iriver). It would have been a great selling point for whoever got it first.”

    At you stated, iriver did get it first and the market said “we don’t care”. People looked at the iriver and decided that the ability to choose different fonts was more important than an outstanding screen. The inability of iriver to market and support the device coupled with the total indifference of Target and Google insured the Story HD’s irrelevancy. And at $49.99 they still aren’t flying off the shelves. I bought two, one at $99.99 and one at $49.99, the others remain on the shelf at my local Target store.

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 March, 2012

      That probably was it, yes. The Story HD was a lackluster device, and it probably did kill interest in the screen.

      It’s a pity that Sony didn’t get it first. Everyone would be copying them.

    2. Dude from Slovakia8 March, 2012

      For $49 I would buy two.
      I would even buy $99 one, just to play with.
      But, I am from Europe, and we see totally different prices for electronics here 😉

  2. Mike Cane8 March, 2012

    >>>The differences are noticeable, aren’t they?

    No, not really. Because it’s the same number of grays. When I saw the iStory, I shrugged. And like the first Commenter said, so did the rest of the market.

    1. fjtorres8 March, 2012

      The quality of the antialiasing can make a bigger difference than going from SVGA to XGA.
      Which is part of what sunk the iRiver, because the K3 had very good antialiasing.

  3. Graham9 March, 2012

    + 1 for the antialiasing comment.

    I have a Kobo Touch and with all the recent updates text is pretty crisp now. I saw the iRiver Story HD, in fact it was the first ereader I ever got my hands on and text was sharp but it wasn’t hugely impressive. The device as a whole was a let down and for text alone, I think the extra resolution just doesn’t make itself noticed.

  4. Vídeo: e-ink com resolução 1024×768 | eBook Portugal13 March, 2012

    […] Na Europa e EUA, o único ereader a usar a resolução 1024×768 é o iriver Story HD, informa o The Digital Reader. […]

  5. charlie dulin14 March, 2012

    Next Papyrus is an altogether better ereader builder than iRiver. Nate didnt really like their original reader as much as I do but i think he would even agree its better than the iRiver’s. Next Papyrus seems to be one of the companies that “get it”

    1. Nate Hoffelder14 March, 2012

      It needed better software, but in general it was nicer to use.

  6. charlie dulin14 March, 2012

    oh and i understand onyx will be using this display soon in their ir touchscreen 6 inch model

  7. […] about it a few weeks back), has been posting a bunch of videos about their new device lately (here’s another). Last night I came across an impact test. They dropped golf balls on the screen and also threw the […]

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