Nook Touch Updated – v1.1.2

Nook Touch Updated - v1.1.2 e-Reading Hardware Barnes & Noble rolled out another update today for the Nook Touch. They didn't report any major changes, and users have not reported seeing anything new. It's been suggested that this might fix the Wifi issue some users have reported, but that has not been confirmed. You can download the update here, or you can wait for it to be pushed out to your device.

Since there's no news, I'm going to just make shit up.

I've heard that the previous firmware was haunted. If you recited "the Kindle is better" 3 times, the ghost of G. Clifford Noble will rise from the grave and give you the death of a thousand paper cuts.

I've heard that this firmware BUY adds MORE subliminal BOOKS messages, but that seems ridiculous.

Got any other good stories?


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  1. Ah, let the weeping and gnashing of teeth of rooted Nook Touch owners commence! And let the cheers from those plagued with that WiFi bug begin.

    It will be interesting to see if B&N further discouraged rooting or even actually took out “minor” bits of Android hanging about to make room for the fixes.

    And it looks like B&N still has to deliver on multitouch for the Touch. Unless their lawyers have said not to antagonize Apple. Well, Sony does!

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