Not All That Impressed with “The New iPad”

On the off chance that they’d have them for sale, I stopped by my local Best Buy today. I saw the new iPad and while the new screen does make the screen on the iPad 2 look pixelated, I had to have them side by side before I could tell.

I played a couple games, watched some clips,  and played around with the camera.  Yes, “the new iPad” does have all round better specs, so I’d get one over any other tablet. But I already have an iPad 2. I don’t see a reason to replace it. If I still had my original iPad, it would have been boxed up on launch day, but “the new iPad”  is only an evolutionary step over the iPad 2.

P.S. Yes, I do have the funds to buy “the new iPad”; I just don’t see a reason to do so.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. fjtorres17 March, 2012

    As they say at Wrigley field: “Wait until next year.”

  2. Xyzzy17 March, 2012

    I have to admire your practicality here — it seems somewhat rare among people that write for any substantial tech-hardware-related blog or site. (I don’t mean within the bounds of where it makes sense to have/replace the item as a tech blogger, but more along the lines of the kind of scenario you presented.)

  3. Virduk18 March, 2012

    Well I find the new screen night and day in terms of readibility. Worth the upgrade just for that. Text is now approaching print and so I might finally be able to start reading ebooks. Though layout and font use is still annoying as hell, even just in novels. Though iBooks is making progress there with some better font choices.

  4. Sturmund Drang18 March, 2012

    I’ve heard this for a couple of years now.

    “My mileage varies.”

    I started reading books on CRTs back in the late 80’s when a college professor and I bought a 10 megabyte set of text including the King James, The CIA Fact Book, The Declaration of Independence, and some very minimal geographic data. I downloaded books from Gutenberg and translated them into prc format (if I remember correectly) for my Palm IIIx. Then I graduated to a Casio E125. Now I read my books on an ASUS 1001p. I’ve had cataracts removed from both eyes, a detached retina, and Megalacornea.

    Reading books on these devices have always been easier than reading books on paper.

    For me at least.

  5. monopole18 March, 2012

    Don’t you know you’ll go blind using that terrible unusable screen! Only unwashed heathens use the iPad2 anymore! You sully the great dream of Jobs!

    Actually, whenever I look at any of my tablets (except for the $100 800×480 units) the last thing I think is “Gee that screen needs more resolution”. 600 wide is just fine and 800 wide is great. Basically if the app is doing anti-aliasing right it just isn’t that noticable. Inductive charging like the touchpad, a stylus and better interactivity between tablets (like PARC had down pat 20 years ago) is far more important.

  6. Ian18 March, 2012

    I think this article explains the need some people have for wanting to buy the latest Apple products as soon as it’s released,2862/

    1. Xyzzy18 March, 2012

      I love that Onion article — I once dated a guy that really did talk & act like that, too. When the iPod became popular and prices were lowered on Macs, he lamented that he wasn’t as satisfied because Apple products were no longer just for “discerning” people with a substantial disposable income.

  7. Rob Brown18 March, 2012

    They’ve given the rear camera some love; it’s fully buzzword compliant with backside lighting, hybrid infra-red filter, 5-element lens, f/2.4 and image processor built RIGHT IN THE CPU. Holy hole-in-a-tablet, Batman! How can you resist that?

    1. Nate Hoffelder18 March, 2012

      My Samsung Galaxy Tab is perfectly adequate for taking (tweeting, mainly) photos on the go. In fact, the 3.2MP images are usually too large for the limited mobile internet I usually have.

      1. curiosity killed the...18 March, 2012

        hell my 2mp camera on my cellphone thats 2 years old wants to down size pictures sent through texting/email claiming that its to large to send otherwise so unless its a superficial restriction on all older phones i dont think anything bigger than 1.5mp even goes through texts

      2. Andrys19 March, 2012

        I was using my Samsung 10.1″ Galaxy Tab yesterday and reading webpages and decided to raise the fonts to where I could discern the pixels. I couldn’t! It keeps the illusion of continuous black.

        Since I got it for $320 at Woot! half a year or so ago, I see no reason to ‘upgrade’ as it really pleases me, and task switching is easy and almost seems w/o limits.

        Good camss for the specs (which are not high).

  8. MikeB18 March, 2012

    I got the new iPad as my first tablet. I’m very pleased, but comparing it with a coworker’s iPad 2 I can see where I wouldn’t upgrade either. The retina display is nice and you can definately tell a difference in the Kindle app between the two, but the text is very readable on either one.

    Of course I’m still happy running a 32GB iPhone 3GS that I got at launch almost three years ago. As long as it will run the apps I want it to I figure why spend the extra money to upgrade. A big thank you to Apple for getting the latest iOS to run on such an old piece of hardware.

  9. Syn19 March, 2012

    I upgraded from the original iPad. Over first gen it’s a major upgrade. Now I can tab browse, a nightmare with only 250 mb of ram. The screen, the graphics, all major improvements. Very happy with my new iPad.


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