B&N Didn’t Say Much at Their London Event

Barnes & Noble caught all of us by surprise a couple weeks ago when they announced that they were going to hold a workshop in London. Hardly any details were available at the time, but speculation was rife that this might be a sign of B&N's expansion plans.

That doesn't appear to be the case, sadly. B&N's not saying much, and most of what they've said is NO. I'm not there myself, of course, but I am following the Twitter commentary. Here are some of the highlights: 

The Nook isn't available internationally just yet, so any developer outside the US will have trouble getting it. B&N is planning a portal so they can get one.

B&N isn't planning to launch an international ebookstore. They're also not talking about possible partners. Oh, and the Nook App Store won't support ad-based apps, so it's sales or nothing.

It certainly doesn't sound like B&N is all that eager to recruit developers; all international developers will still have to comply with US tax laws. Given the small number of sales generated by the Nook App Store I'm not sure that is worth the effort.

Well that was an exercise in frustration. I'm really not sure what B&N was trying to do here, but if B&N wanted to irritate everyone with  bunch of non-answers then I would bet they succeeded. Now, I know that B&N has a subsidiary based in the Netherlands, so I had hoped it meant that we'd hear something new today.

Unfortunately, B&N had other plans.

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3 Comments on B&N Didn’t Say Much at Their London Event

  1. Couple of typos:

    “B&N isn’t planning to launch an intentional ebookstore”… That one made me chuckle. 🙂

    “Oh, and the Nook App Notre won’t support ad-based apps”…

  2. I wonder what’s really going on there? Something doesn’t sound right at all. How hard would it be to set up even a two-person UK office to make it easier for devs? B&N can’t keep expecting the U.S. alone to keep them alive. Hm, makes me wonder how Kobo is doing in the UK…

  3. I have noticed that I was able to download the nook reading app onto my tablet the other day (I’m in Australia) without any issues. In the past I had to use VPN service to hide where I was, it appears… not anymore. I found that interesting in it self.

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