TrekStor to Launch Pyrus E-ink eReader in Germany Later this Year

Amazon and B&N might have smothered the ereader market here in the US, but it’s still going strong in Europe. TrekStor has just unveiled their new ereader at the Leipzig Book Fair.

The Trekstor Pyrus is going to be based around a 6″ Pearl E-ink screen with 4GB Flash storage, SD card slot, and broad format support (HTML, RTF, TXT, EPUB, PDF, FB2, and PDB ).

As you can see from the image at right, the Pyrus is a rather ordinary looking device page turn buttons on either side of the screen as well as a few more buttons below. It’s not going to have Wifi or a touchscreen, and that will definitely limit its utility.

Trekstor’s last ereader had a 7″ LCD screen, so this new one makes me wonder if they’re hedging their bets. I cannot find a mention of a price or release date, but I’d expect it to be on the shelf in the next few months.

But when is does hit the market, I’m not sure what success it will have. The Kindle is available in Germany for 99 euros, and that doesn’t leave much margin for a smaller competitor to undersell (and we know they cannot match the features).


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  1. Bob19 March, 2012

    Actually I think they can undersell the kindle. The kindle only supports library books in the US. That means unless they want to read public domain ebooks, they must buy them from amazon(or so amazon wants us to think). Even if it was a hundred dollars more than the kindle, it would still kinda be cheaper. Lets say the average price of an ebooks is $10 (to make the math easy). Read 11 ebooks from the library and it is already cheaper. Read 20 ebooks from the library and you have saved a hundred dollars in comparison to getting the kindle.

    That being said, I don’t think the advertisement “cheaper than kindle if you read 11 books from library” is going to sell very well.

  2. Sal Kaye19 March, 2012

    The TrekStor 3 was my first eReader. It’s 59 Euros here in Germany. I’m pretty sure they won’t get people to buy the Pyrus for 99 Euros because there’s another eReader in that price-segment: the OYO II for 119 Euros (with wi-fi & touchscreen, via

    I guess they’ll probably sell the Pyrus via first – that’s where the TrekStor readers appeared first here in GER.

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  4. Maxwar22 March, 2012

    What I have heard is that this is not actually an E-Ink Pearl display (not even a normal E-Ink display), but instead a technology called OED. It is inferior to E-Ink as far as I know and it cannot be sold in all countries in the world due to legal concerns.

  5. eBook Reader5 April, 2012

    As I had seen at Leipzig the screen looks identical to E Ink and looks really ok, today the price was released for UK Market, 59,00 GBP so in Euros the unit will cost € 69 I think!

  6. Maxwar11 May, 2012

    Actually I did some more research…. it uses a tech called “Digital Ink”. This is a cost down version of e-paper technology, so not comparable to E-Ink in terms of contrast etc. Also it is not allowed to be sold in any country but Germany and China.


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